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Performed by The Refreshments

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discover the music of Roger Clyne (of The Refreshments) still being rocked live for all to enjoy! | Reviewer: Alisa in Tempe | 11/26/2007

For all of you Refreshments fans, be sad no more! I just heard all the Refreshments classics at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ last weekend as performed by the awesome and amazing Roger Clyne and PH Naffah in their band, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers. They played Mekong at the end of the night and everyone just sang and swayed and smiled and closed out the night of having our souls rocked to the core. Amazing! Go to

one of the best songs ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/2007

(sigh) I love the refreshments. I only wish I could have seen them in concert. I didn't really get into these guys until after they had broken up, but this entire album has really stood the test of time in my eyes. My musical tastes have evolved a great deal, but when I can't decide on something newer to listen to, this album is always one of my go to's...

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