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Performed by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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bestfriends | Reviewer: lisa | 6/23/09

this song reminds me of my best friend, because shes one year younger than me. shes like my little sister, and we've been through everything and as much as she gets mad at me i can never be anywhere without her. she has depression and anxiety but i will stand with her through everything. we've been friends since before anyone knows, her grandma says i patted her moms belly when she was pregnant with her. she continues to make me laugh and shes the only one who has seen me cry.
this song is about her to me.

It makes me not want to forget. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/09

Sometimes, people think death is easier to deal with if you forget about it. That's not the case for me- My best friend's father, my other best friend's brother, and my grandparents all died in the course of three years.

Each death hit me hard and made me think about them more and more. Some people said to stop dwelling in the past, but, it's impossible. Every time I see a photograph or video with one of those people in it, a tear comes to my eye as I remember the time, no matter how short or long it may have been, I spent with them.

Sure, many people find this "the song" for them and their significant other, but for me, it's a way to remind me to remember someone.

It makes me not want to forget.

ME TOO!!!!!! | Reviewer: D Angel One[aYda] | 5/15/09

>tHis SonG reMemBerEd Me tO my boY..wHen we Are In Face 2 Face (dating)..He aLwaYs Sing This SoNg..UntiL he GoNe..I stILL Hear This SOng...What Ever IN condiion..Are me in toilet..want to sleep..eating..drinking..and the 1st i do when i wake up in the morning are sing this song or hear this song...this sing remembered me too much memories

Hope Song | Reviewer: Stacey | 5/10/09

I love this song it is so deep and so sweet... This song helped me and my love together when we were about to leave each other. We've known each other since i was very young nd so was he. I'm a freshman an he's a sr. We've been together for God only knows how long and will hopefully stay together. He already has plans to get enaged to me as soon as he can. This song means so much to us. We can barely listen to this song without tear up. If this song could hold us together at our weakest times it can hold anyone together in their weak times. This song helped us keep every bit of happiness we have and helped us gain more. THANK YOU RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS!

Havent strength without him | Reviewer: M.A | 5/9/09

This is my favorite song. I never feel so bored with it. And my boyfriend knows that im a fan of rja.
But.. :'(
Im finished with him. I dunno, i was breaking up our relation. But im still loving him. I think, maybe it will be good when im alone, without him. But i was wrong. This world feels so empty. I cant meal and study. So hard to laugh.
After it, he tells me that he and his family gonna move from our town, and continue his study there.
Hixs T.T. It means, i will never see him again.
Omg, wt can i do ?shouldnt i break up our relation? No. Thats my choice.
Ok. Maybe he will move next 2 month. But, i have lost a contact wth him. Unless if i message him first, he replies. And of course just to the point.
I just wanna know, does he really love me ????
Agung, hope u know, i will always love u. Even u're so far, i can wait 4 ur study. Till u come back to here..
I LOVEĀ UĀ AGUNG.. I miss u like crazy :(

Our Song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/09

This song is so special to me and my boyfriend. Everytime i hear it it makes me think of us. The lyrics have such meaning to me because i will always be there for you through thick and thin. You make me the happiest i've been all my life. Me meeting you at work was obviously destiny. I have never felt this strongly about someone in my whole life. =] You make me so happy, i hope we stay together forever. I know it hasnt really been that long between us but i have fallen...hard so it must be meant to be.

Love you until the end.
Stay with me forever and promise me one thing that you will never let go.

Disgusting | Reviewer: Amazing | 4/7/09

All of you are simply pathetic... really. Yeah, this song will remind a lot of people of a special someone, but really. "Omg, like, omg, this song totally reminds me of my boyfriend, and he's so amazing, and i'm pathetic because i get on websites and talk about how wonderful he is." Or, you're pathetic and you get on here to complain about how you lost them... yeah, cause they're gonna get on here and read it, right? Sad...

:-( .. | Reviewer: iro.... | 4/6/09

everytime i listen to this song it makes me wanna cry... i still love you and i you want you to know that i will ALWAYS be with you... i just wish you were here so that you could listen this song with me.. i could even die for you if you wanted me to... you're my, you're my, my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away... FoReVeR YouRs...

this song makes me wanna cry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/09

i mean seriously i have never heard this song before, untill he introduced it to me, and he`ll never know how much it meant to me, i start crying everytime i hear it, but i wouldnt change it, b/c i do love him and ill alwayz will wether he doesnt back.. love this song!

Please don't walk away and, please tell me you'll stay woah stay woah | Reviewer: Moonders | 2/2/09

This song reminds me of my boyfriend and i.............I told him it did and told him why it reminded me of us.........the part
"and Seasons are changing
And waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer and nights grow shorter
I can show you I'll be the one"

It makes me think of my boyfriend and i because i told him i told him i was tryin to show him i can be the one for him.......and other parts remind me of me and him..................before that i told him what i was listening to Your Gaurdian Angel and he said " I know " I said and how would you know that" and he said " Because your my gaurdian angel" I am so lucky to have a boyfriend like him............nd i told him that the part "Please don't walk away and,
Please tell me you'll stay, woah stay woah" makes me think of me wanting to be with him forever and that i want him to stay with me forever...........I love him so so so so so so much!!!!!

\: | Reviewer: shhh | 1/30/09

almost four years ago I met this amazing boy, I held him close for so long, but not close enough apparently, we were just friends, best friends, but I was blind too the way he felt about me.
I was so mean too him and took complete advantage of his amazing heart just because he is 6 inches shorter than me.
one day I stopped caring, and opened my eyes too how amazing he is, I immediatley fell in love with him, and when I told him he told me he has loved me for 3 years.
his plan was too marry me though but I wanted too be with him now, so he continued seeing other girls while I just sat there getting more and more heart broken waiting till he could just be mine
this day is still yet too come, and he is getting closer and closer too other girls and we are drifint apart more and more everyday
this boy is the love of my life, no doubt, I don't care what anyone says, ill wait for you
please prove too me it will be worth it \:

even if saving you sends me to heaven | Reviewer: dion | 1/28/09

this s0ng is about sacrifice,about true love.

I have a Girlfriend,and our relationship didn't go well,almoust everytime we had a fight,and we almoust BREAK UP!!!

once time me and my GF hear this song in our simple bedroom...suddenly this song reminds me when the first time we met a long time ago.

she's lyin' on my shoulder and ask me something that I will not 4get 4ever,
"where's my guardian angel that I ever loved??"
and I realized that I was to be her guardian angel,
then I grab her hand,I hold her tightly, and whisper on her ear,

"I'm your guardian angel has back..."

thx 4 this song ^-^v

Amazing | Reviewer: meeLa Parker | 1/26/09

This song remembered me about the boy who i love .when i sing it ,im always thinking of him .but .. Is he thinking of me too ??
I dont know ,never dont know .
But i really luv rja !especially this song .love u love u rja !
I'll wait 4 ur new album !

Hangin on by a thin thread | Reviewer: wendy | 1/20/09

I love this song, I have known my bf for 25 years, since we were both 10. He once told me this song reminded him of me and our love, and now we are hangin on by a thin thread of difference on whether we will stay together or not, it breaks my heart to know that I may lose him as my love. I will always love him no matter what..... hes my best friend, I emailed him the lyrics in hope that it would remind him that I will fight for our love.

:,( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/09

when my bf and i were only together for a week he txted me the chorus to this song when we were at school and that wasnt too long ago. it made me smile so much cuz i never thot somebody would even consider those words for me it seemed like we were so inlove but then it suddenly changed so quickly. i feel like hes letting go and it makes me so sad. I wanna cry after listening to this song now. God im gonna miss him

and if you ever read this I really meant it when i said id love you forever and always Steven :,( please dont walk away please tell me youll stay

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