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Performed by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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?? | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/20/12

Ok so I've noticed this whole debate about the God thing... @caleb yes he created us in His own image but he DID give us the decision to follow him or follow a different path ('take the wide easy path or the narrow path less travelled by'). As for the meaning behind whether this is christian: I looked at the words and I noticed it said see the fake... Maybe the message behind this song is the fact that even though the are christians out their you mainly see the 'christian claimers'. People who don't really practice what they preach and they are aware of this so they are always looking around the bend waiting for the end to see if they will get to squeeze by when they haven't even lived the life they have lived? I dana I guess its true that the song means different things to different people but its true in the fact that there are more 'christian claimers' than true christians and it ends up with too many people seeing 'christian claimers' than true christians which makes them turn away from even considering christianity... But even though it seems like a religious song it could just have a personal meaning to this band that we will only discover when someone asks them :)

Shut up.. | Reviewer: Mugetsu | 3/4/12

I'm sick of seeing religious arguments on EVERY song I listen to.. I mean who cares if they're religious or not? If you don't think they are or if you do? Seriously no one is interested in your opinion. It is just about what the song means to you, not what it meant originally. Isn't that why people enjoy their favourite songs because what they mean to them?

another one | Reviewer: sarita bianchi | 2/3/12

Before i found and read the lyrics, i really thought it's about the government.. The corrupted ones... Because i got so obsessed with it, wel i still am haha, that i just had it on repeat all the time, and i kept hearing "shaking hands of men" and "is it going to end" like when will these politicians stop faking everything... And now that i know every single word in it... Wel, i stil think of the song this way.

justify | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/11

Welll.. On the CD in their thanks some of them do give thanks to God. I wouldn't necissarily mean that they're "Christian" just that they believe in God. In my opinion I believe this song has religious meaning, but it's really not that important. I mean is it really hurting anyone? Has anyone been killed because this song MAY have religious meaning? I don't think so...

I agree | Reviewer: James | 8/11/11

All u guys shld listen to aiden the song is great and u guys shldnt argue about wat it's about everyone should be able to interpret the song how they think it shld be interpreted and not have an argument about wether it's religious or not does it really matter. But all said and done excellent song

leave religion out of it | Reviewer: Aiden | 3/7/11

hi yeah Zach and Caleb? im not sure i believe in god but lets just say one exists could we just leave he/she/it out of it.honestly just enjoy the song and stop trying to decipher some sort of religious meaning out of it. it ruins the song.if you wanna know what the god damn song means ask the guy who wrote it

Caleb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/10

Zach you are dumb. God created us in his image so that we would glorify him and make him look good. Sure Adam and Eve sinned and for that man has suffered. But you basically said God will give up on us and to choose wisely where you wanna go,Heaven or Hell? I don't think I speak for myself when I day a lot of people would prefer Heaven..Don't say idiotic things like that and don't try and make my God look bad..He made you,And he could take you out in a flash. Who cares about this song anymore!!

Genre changing | Reviewer: Rio | 1/4/10

this song is fuckin awesome!! ive listened to rap all my life but as soon as i heard this song it really got me into rock! and if they really are a christian band i dont give a fuck and i'll box anybody how say other wise! lol

Awesome song | Reviewer: J.P | 10/25/09

It's an awesome song. I just wanna say, you cant really call them or anyone a Christian band.
I mean does it matter? Who gives a flying fuck what their religon is or what their songs are about. People get to worked up over it.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/09

Not only for your lack of grammar and punctuation, but also for your moronic interpretation of the song, I'm very tempted to slap you, Zach. And yes I realize that was one hell of a run on sentence.

Really? | Reviewer: ZAP | 8/19/09

It seems like a lot of people think this band is Christian just because they have a couple songs with good messages.

I just challange you Christians to do some research. It just bugs me when people assume a band is Christian, for example POD, when they have Albums titled "The Shit" and this band has songs called "Ass Shaker". It's not every day I hear a pastor saying Shake that ass or that's the shit!

Maybe it's just me.

Anyways, still an awesome song non the less! Love this band

Justify-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus | Reviewer: Alexis | 5/16/08

This seems, to me, to be a really powerful song, especially the lyrics, "Justify, your secrecies that surmise your cries" and "I think I will document the Fall" the Flal, referring to Man's fall from grace after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Wisdom in eden. *My opinion*

yeah | Reviewer: Gunner | 3/26/08

I think the lyrics are deffinitly referring to society and how it has changed from the so called simple days to the present which is full of hate and crime over all i think that this song is deep and meaningfull and that Red Jumpsuit Apparatus just all out rocks.


Thanks! | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/29/08

Thanks for the meaning of this song! As a christian myself, its really awesome to read what the song really means! I hope everyone truely hears the meaning of this song and takes it to their heart as i'm sure RJA wants their listeners to

christian | Reviewer: zach | 2/10/08

actually this song, is about people, society. i think a lot of bands are trying to get this message across, including AFI with two of their songs. Basically they are saying words that are saying, in the begging, god created us all to follow him, and for a short while it lasted beautifully. they tell you to hear Him speak, Him with a capital H refers to God. as in Him above. they say to go ahead and hid our lies and sins, and dont beleive in god, because ventauly before we die we will have the choise to chose God or Satan and to chose that wisely. they say to see the fake of society. and that if you live the way the world says you will burn in hell,a nd that you must follow the word of god.

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