Reviews for the album Don't You Fake It

Performed by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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@ND!"$ Review of Doon't You Fake IT | Reviewer: andi | 7/7/10

i, for one, love this album. Me the pop loving teen falling for these hard rockers and screamo peple. Amazing, isn't it? But this album is amazing. The REd Jumpsuit Apparatus has made #2 on my band list (the fray taking the blue ribbon). Still they are amaZINGG! [emphasis on the ZINGG!)

amazing...absolutly amazing :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/07

OMG!...i love this band and all of their songs because thay all have meaning to them and it is stuff that people can relate to and that is why they are so amazing ;)

BEST BAND EVER | Reviewer: Yeonsil | 3/19/07

This is my favorite band and all of their songs are great and has great meaning behind it!! they are just amazing!!!

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