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Performed by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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WOW!!! | Reviewer: Person | 3/7/09

Dude, Cat and Mouse is sooo touching, becasue I had a person who I loved called Emma, and I thought she was able to actually stand up for me...
But, in the end, she let go of my side and went on her own, leaving me so sad due to the song and the end of our relationship.

You said that you would die for me. | Reviewer: Lindsey Scruggs | 12/13/08

Mkays, I've written many reviews about RJA. I hear they suck live but I still think their lyrics are spectacular. Ps, I'm not being cliche when I say this: This song reminds me of you, Jacob. I love you very much. (:

original | Reviewer: Stephanie | 10/9/07

This song totally draws u in. it's rlly hard not to love. Ir has so much meaning I love RJA! They actually stand for something :)

AWESOME | Reviewer: browniee | 10/1/07

omg this song makes me think about lifeand about my bf and everthing and its just an amazing song to listen too..(L)<33 i luv it soooo much

woOOoOoooOoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Marcelo | 9/25/07

this is my 2nd fav song of the red jumpsuit apparatus i'ts really cool and makes u think 'bout the life but... there's one greater song "YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL" i really luv luv luv this song and i think that it's better this one is good, i mean very very very good but your guardian angel is better

wow | Reviewer: xil | 9/20/07

i am in love with this song! it always makes me think if im confused about someone at the moment...i heard this song and fell in love

jose!!rock!!on | Reviewer: jose | 7/21/07

hey wuts up everyone umm yeahh this song is so cool and yea makes me happy when i don;t know exactly but remind me some troubles on my life yea !! go up red jumpsuit

AMAZING | Reviewer: jess | 4/17/07

i'm really obsessed w/this song rite now and at this moment its on repeat. i cant get enough of it XD

It touches me | Reviewer: Megan | 4/2/07

This song reminds me of me and my ex boyfriend. We had dated for almost a year and 1/2 but we broke up about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I'm not even kidding, this song makes me bawl my eyes out everytime I hear it, which is bad cuz I have the c-d and it's all I listen to lately. Lol. Uhhhh rock on?

intriging | Reviewer: jess | 2/21/07

when i first heard this song i didnt really enjoy it. but i mistakingly doublke-clicked it on itunes and my comptuer froze. i was stuck i had to listen. well i fell in love with this song. the lyrics are amazing. and his voice just pulls you in. there amazing. words cant describe.

Just wow. | Reviewer: Laura Conrad | 2/12/07

This song is only one incredible song on a CD that I've been listening to everyday for almost a year. How are these guys not crazy famous yet?

AMAZING!! | Reviewer: Alyssa Tullis | 2/8/07

I love this CD, but this has got to be my FAVORITE song on the CD. The lyrics are amazing and it has such a good meaning behind it...
This band is truely INCREDIBLE and has this CD has helped me through some very difficult times..

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