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Performed by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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compressed insecurity | Reviewer: Sharone | 4/7/13

What if... The love that the singer feels costs too much (perhaps family, friends, long distance...), hurts too much, and he feels like the other person, the one he loves, despite the late night promises you hear in every relationship and reassurings - won't do the same for him? Is this love really worth it, if the other side won't be as devoted as the other?
Being the same before this came to light - before the realtionship had to stand before complications and reality, which are the price for his happiness.
Maybe he has to choose between an unsure, yet true (at least on his side) love, and many of the other things in life that make him happy too?
I could seriuosly write a good few papers about this song.

What I think of this song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/12

I have been reading the review and have noticed that people are talking about how they would die for the person this song reminds them of.
But for me...this song is about heart break, sadness, and betrayal.
It talks about how the singer is in love with someone else, the person this song is about thought that they loved the singer in return, but lied. They have broken a vow. The singer is saying that he is depressed. He has tryed to find love in his life, but the price he payes is having his loved ripped from him.

Awesome music! | Reviewer: iheartkevin | 10/5/11

First I have to say red jumpsuit apparatus is the best band ever! Their oldest cd is definitely the best though. This song is very touching and clearly reminds people of tough times and relationships. I have only been in love with one guy and never felt true heart break but any fight makes me extremely sad. I know I would do absolutely anything for him because he had the most beautiful heart I have ever known. This song makes me think about what would happen if someone actually does die for the person they love. How the loved one would react and what happens after death. Hmmmm....

wit all i ever wanted,it comes wit a price | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/11

I'm really obsessed wit dis song s it suits me sooo much..wenevr i listen 2 dis song,it occurs 2 me dat lyf is nothing witout her..i want 2 die 4 her if i hav 2,but i'll live 4 her too.evn if we're not satisfied wit da way we're livin our life,n how people r backbitin us wen seein us 2gethr,i'm still sure dat we'l make it thru..even if dis luv affair cumz wit a price,i'm gonna hold on to u..u'r ol i ever wanted..

depression | Reviewer: Sofarawayrev | 3/21/11

i cant listen to this song without crying reminds me of my best friend im in love with him but if we were to be together itd hurt too many people so it comes with a price it depresses me then he says he loves me i get happy then he has to go i listen to this and get depressed again

cat and mouse | Reviewer: rach | 9/26/10

This song remindes me of my friend. Acoulpe of months ago i realized that i felt more than freindship for him and he knows it. thats why i love the part where it says "Am i supposed to be happy? when everything I ever wanted it comes at a price"
best song ever

We made plans to grow old | Reviewer: Jay | 6/24/10

I love this song... It reminds me of my ex, we were together for over a year, made plans to have kids... Then she miscarried, she started suffering depression and bulimia... I helped her through it, was there for her everyday... And then she left me for another guy... Since that day a few months ago she has had 5 boyfriends, none of them work out, she texts and calls me occasionally and tells me she made a mistake, that she loves me, but I am already over her... I feel sorry for her, but this song just reminds me of how we grew apart through her problems... I didn't realize it until she left me must live for me too... | Reviewer: RJ | 6/20/10

I used to be a very sad person. It got better in time, a lot of thanks to my best friend. In the middle of the hardest part of my life,she came up with this: if you don't want to live for anyone else not even for you,live for me then!because I know I couldn't live without you! I'd die for her,so I decided to live for her, too. and I thank her everyday for saying those words<3 amazing song,rja are awesome!!

sad | Reviewer: tanner | 4/22/10

"You said that you would die for me,
you must live for me too."
reminds me of my first boyfriend, he was diagnosed with depression, even tho he was one of the happiest people i no. anyway, he moved to my town and we imediatly fell in love. but before he came here his pills stopped working and he tried to commit suicide. the guidence councilor told the bitch of a principal, who banned him from the school grounds. he moved home, an hour away. we were talking every night, and i talked to him new years day, then got buisy and didnt talk to him for a week. when i called, i got his brother saying he was in the hospital, but wouldnt tell me why. my bf called a few min later, hed tried suicide again, but he made me a promise he wouldnt do it again. we broke up awile ago, but wer friends and hes dating my friend, but now he cares enuf to live for us. sad song, really good

love | Reviewer: LOVEIT | 4/17/10

this is really my situation now between me and my bf :(
We are growing apart and he doesn't even notice it.
and i'm afraid to talk to him because we never talk about serious things. I know I need to talk to him because he is losing me, but that is easier said as to be done. I know it is for the best to break up, but I still love him. It is just not working out.

his guardian angel | Reviewer: mary | 6/30/09

this is now my myspace song. it toally relates to me....& maybe my ex? i'm torn between him & my family. it's so easy for him to lie to me. & his mom told my sister that he has several other girls. & i'm "not the only one." everyone now thinks i'm a game to him. like if i go to him, he wins. cuz i'm only 16. 500 miles & 2 years. it's a long distance relationship. "we made plans to grow old, beilive me there was truth in all those stories that i told." yea...the peices fit. i'm rambling on cuz all of my friends are asleep & i need to talk.

kitty krunk | Reviewer: dani | 6/17/09

i love this song. it reminds me of my girlfriend. we were happy until her mom decided she was gonna control our relationship so now we have to sneak around behind her back. we dont get to txt or talk really anymore and it seems we are falling apart. and im afraid its even harder because she lies so much. kinda makes me think about the part about being the same as before this came to light. makes me very sad. >>dani

Means so much. | Reviewer: Monica | 6/5/09

This song probably has to be one of the saddest I've heard so far. It's in the top 10. I got dumped a few days ago... and we're at a "break" where he's deciding whether we will or wont get back together. But it reminds me of him. I love him a lot. Another cliche! Just like everyone's. But also true, like everyone's<3. (:

...... I LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: gelly | 5/2/09

His voice and the song was amazing! The lyrics reminds me so much of what's happening to my life right now... That's why I started listening to this song everyday! Plus I'm learning the piano version :)

Cliché. | Reviewer: Anon. | 3/29/09

This song is amazing. I love it. The lyrics, his voice, everything.

"You said that you would die for me,
you must live for me too."

Reminds me of a time when I had heaps of problems and was really troubled and there was this one guy who helped me out - which is totally cliché, right? But I listen to this and I thank him everyday.

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