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Jordan | Reviewer: lasarah steffen | 1/4/14

I think your really hot, and you have an amazing voice. But i will admit i didn't even know you existed until i heard a song by you that my sister was listening to a song by you and i liked and then i started listening to you and then my sister finally showed me your face and i thought you were hot. You know how you said that your dream girl couldn't be clingy they have to deal with you not being there all the time. well in my opinion they kinda have to because you will be traveling because of your carer.

love~lasarah steffen

Thank you. | Reviewer: Samantha | 10/4/13

Your music and music in general has been helping me get through my depression. I've always been the awkward kid. That's just how I always was. I'm now still struggling with it but when I listen to your music, I get a smile on my face. And yes, that may be odd but after a while it feels nice because I haven't felt or known what it was like. I'm 17 now and I've been like this since i was 12 or 13; yes, a very young age. So, basically, I would like to thank you.

If you would like to contact me, email me at

A special request | Reviewer: Iffrah | 9/7/13

Hey,hi! This is Iffrah........ I m ur greatest fan, and i mean - the greastest fan. Love like woe - i just love it as i love you. There's no one you. N ya something common- green day even i like them. I love all your song. Cn u you keep on makin albums on and on. Its my request.

the ready set | Reviewer: Kalie Mullen | 2/9/13

I am your biggest fan and i think you have an amazing voice. I think a lot of the singers/bands of 2012-2013 don't have as great of a voice as you. They are all just lip singers/bands and people like that just are stupid to like all these crap singers/bands. plus i hate Justin Bieber. What do they see in that guy. You are a real talent and i don't give a crap about all those haters. They all can go die in a hole for all i care there just jelly that your a better singer than these fakes. Lets get real now OK so i was wondering if you could play in front royal VA. That would mean the whole world to me because you are my favorite singer/band ever and i think that i will still be listening to your music when i am 80 no doubt about it. I love your music that much and if i do if we still have MTV i will make shore to go on it an tell them that i have love the ready set like since i was 11. plus i listen to your music 24/7 no doubt. So play in front royal VA.please.bye.

your biggest fan Kalie Mullen

Jordan Witzgreuter. | Reviewer: Sydney | 1/24/13

I'm so proud to say this small town kid grew up in the same town I did and I think it is amazing how much he puts into his music and where that got him! <3 Every single song is incredible.

The Ready Sey | Reviewer: Paola Gutierrez | 10/23/12

Oh my gosh.... I think you are awsome at what you.
I've been recently been listening to all of your songs, and they are so contagious
I can't take it out my head... Yay! Ha... I really like it! You have a great voice and a great songs. I hope you keep writing songs, because you have a great talent:) spread all your awesomeness to everybody!

P.S. I would play laser tag with you^_^

review | Reviewer: cynthia | 10/19/12

I love the ready set music it brings me a bit of a smile when I listen.I am a bit depressed from all I've been through in my life but music has helped me a lot including the ready set. Thank you for helping a girl with depression a bit! love your music.

~Cynthia H.~

I<3 THE READYSET | Reviewer: Sarah S. | 3/20/12

I read his article for a projet and it really helped me! Just sayin' though.... I LOVE LASER TAG!!!!! My friends and i go ALL THE TIME. Big fan big fan! xoxoxoxo

Love you forever!,
~Sarah J. Sweeney~

The Ready Set | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/28/12

I am one of your biggest fan. I listen to your music. I love music and its my passion I want to make music for the rest of my life
I want people to see me more than a shy girl I want to be like you are my inspiration

The Ready Set | Reviewer: Julia | 10/30/11

Dear Jordan,
I'm One Of Your Biggest Fans . I Listen To Your Music Literally 24/7 . I'm a Type One Diabetic And I Just Wanted To Ask You A Favor . At The Next Walk For Diabetes May You Please Preform . It Would Mean The World To Me .
Love Your Biggest Fan: Julia

I have a request<3 | Reviewer: Sasha Brown | 8/26/11

Dear Jordan Witzgreuter,

Hi. My name is Sasha Brown, I am 13 years old and in the 8th grade.
I am currently living in Arlington, Virginia. I listen to your music everyday and I love the idea of you being in a movie and I have written a preview of one I wrote and I would like to know if you would be willing to let me 'live' with you for a while so we can start making that movie.
I love to write almost as much as I adore your talent. I have 2 songs, 2 stories, and 3 poems written.
Please contact me as soon as possible with an answer.

Love Forever and Always
-Sasha Brown<3

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