08/28/2014 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/14

I dont comment a lot on the internet about random things, but I do comment on music I like, and this song deserves one. Sail away is, to me, the saddest and yet sweetest song of The Rasmus. Topped with Lauri's melancholic high voice, is just beyond words. The chorus really wins me over the most. Typing all this while listening to the acoustic version of the song minutes to midnight really takes my mind soaring up to the dark sky. You are so blessed with your vocal and song writing abilities, Lauri! :)

guys, you are gods!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: mary,greece | 2/28/09

i love all the songs of the rasmus as i'm a fanatic fan of them....although,this song really touches me and when i don't feel so good i love listening to it....i believe that the rasmus is the best band ever.....but i also need to say that i love lauri .....and i would give my soul for him......his gorgeous...they are GODS!!!!!!!

amazinggg | Reviewer: mary | 2/28/09

well,i have to say that i am a fanatic fan of the rasmus so i love all of their songs...but this one is touching your heart when you hear it...i really like hearing to this song when i feel a little bit sad because i believe that its the perfect one for this situation...oh rasmus you are gorgeous....you are gods ....but my wickness is lauri...i mean that i love him so much...i would give my soul for him.....

rasmus rocks | Reviewer: syed asif | 1/5/08

ilove the rasmus band and i love the artists . and the sailaway song is the best song of my life .and the rasmus i have an party so i have sing the song sailaway with my band.and so i love all the songs of the rasmus. sp plz pray to god and be the nice person oki.

The rasmus rocksS | Reviewer: Stefanny | 11/20/07

this great i sayy its great i love the rasmus and i had the luck to see them and was awesomm!! they sang in spanish lauri dance eero sang was nice and relly funny!! it was in november 27 05!! they sang this beautifull song!! everybody loves it! its romantic!! have a great soundss!! and lauri voice is hot and sweet!!! i love ya!! guys!! come again!! frommm VENEZUELA!! the rasmus la mejor banda del mundo!!XD

Sail Away | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

Remember when I swore
My love was never ending
And you and I would never die
Remember when I swore
We had it all
We had it all

Damn good song, and band. | Reviewer: WeWrithe | 8/28/07

As an American, I do hate American music, oh so much.
The Rasmus, is my second favorite band, close behind HIM.
This song and band is amazing.

rasmus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

the rasmus is the best of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love the rasmus!!!

sail away and take a pfotograf fin | Reviewer: fin | 6/5/07

ohh so here iam so dead plaese let me down into the blue

wow | Reviewer: Myste | 3/21/07

I think that the Rasmus is awsome! They have alot of fantastic songs. This is one of them. I really thought that H.I.M was the best band that came from Finland, but I was wrong.(NO AFFENCE TO H.I.M THOUGH!)

THEY ARE SOOOOOO AWSOME. Come to think of it I've only known their music for a year now, but who cares. They're still awsome!

great song | Reviewer: Awanee | 2/13/07

this song is great...... i used to hear songs of rasmus but i heard this only yesterday.....and it touched my heart.........LAuri your voice rocks and you look cool on the crow's feather

Tommy | Reviewer: Tommy | 1/30/07

Sail away is umbelivible song! The Rasmus has lot of good songs, but sail away is best of them. Finland is best !

rasmus rock!!! | Reviewer: andrea | 7/7/06

sail away is my favourite rasmus song they just get better and better i also think that singer lauri has an amazing voice that nobody can beat

Great song | Reviewer: Rocky | 12/17/05

its way better than No fear and the album sounds cool too keep it up rasmus!