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The Rasmus are the best band ever!!!! | Reviewer: Steph_rasmusgirl | 10/4/04

I think The Rasmus are the best, my fave songs have got to be: Since you've been gone, first day of my life, guilty and time to burn. i love Lauri soooooo much he is so gorgeous! He has such a sexy voice! Dead Letters is the best album I have ever heard! THE RASMUS ROCK!!!!
love from The Rasmus' no.1 fan!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

You Are The BEST!!! | Reviewer: Mirna F. | 8/27/04

HEY GUYS...I loved you since I saw "In my life" are the best band, also you are Beautifull!!...GO ON!

i luv the rasmus | Reviewer: xXxkatexXx | 8/26/04

i luv the rasmus they are the best band i ever i would love to meet them i luv lauri (the lead singer) he is well fit
the rasmus rock
kate yolnen

The Rasmus reveiw | Reviewer: Melanie | 8/20/04

Hi, I would like to sat that The Rasmus are my personal favourite. Their songs are full of heartbroken lyrics sung by the most amazing singer ever with sensational drum, guitar and bass playing by the rest of the guys. BEST BAND EVER!!!

The Rasmus | Reviewer: T.R.G.F | 7/29/04


I would just like to say that The Rasmus are the best band i have ever heard. Ever and that i hope they carry on making great music. If you've not heard of The rasmus then you must check out my site.
T.R.G.F xxx

Rasmus | Reviewer: Esjay | 7/11/04

Hey, Its me Sarah-Jane.

This band is absolutely awesome. They show the potential of no other band. They are original and great :)


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