Good Album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/2008

This is one of the greatest songs i have heard in a long time, its got a mellow sad feeling going throughout. You should really check out the cd , theres not a song i dont like on it, however some critics said the cd was forgetable, but to the music that they have around now, its really just a bunch of garbage.
In short the rasmus = Gothic Micheal Bolten :D ha

this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/2007

this song is so amazing I love it, I'm kinda addicted to it, I can't hear it only once, I've gotta play it minimum twice a day

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Andy | 10/14/2007

This is one of the best songs I have ever heard. They guy is a genius. His voice is awesome. So suited to his style. The lyrics are potent too. The tune is masterful. Anybody who says they don't like this song or voice are certainly entitled to their opinion, but probably are quite immature in their tastes. This, for the critics, is akin to bloody good bottle of red. Perhaps you are not ready yet, so stick to mineral water.

Relating to The Rasmus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/2007

One of the best songs by The Rasmus. I love their music, its so easy to relate to. I also like 'Shot' and of course, 'In the Shadows'!!!!

Funeral Song | Reviewer: Storm | 6/3/2007

Great song but why exactly are people giving us their relationship problems? it's to comment about a song not moan about your life. anyway as for the song. Well put together, not a big fan of his voice but great song none the less

funeral song | Reviewer: jodie | 8/4/2006

this song is really sad - the lyrics are kinda haunting, and it sends a shiver down your spine. I can't stop listening to it - it's addictive!

aww.. | Reviewer: Kathleen | 10/12/2005

It's such a sweet yet very sad song. I love it soo much. I can't stop listening to it.

Funeral Song | Reviewer: JenJen | 7/13/2005

This song perfectly describes me n' my ex's relationship.. I've dumped him twice, and I know how much I hurt him, but I can't go on either.

Moving | Reviewer: Christopher Kane | 2/26/2005

I listened to this song just after my gurl had broke up with me. It made me think of all the good times we spent together and how much I was going to miss her but as long as she's happy it would be alright.