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Performed by The Ramones

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24 hours to go | Reviewer: boey jeltrum | 1/3/11

The song is about that feeling you get when youre looking forward to something so bad and that last day drags out like a year. you just want to be having the fun of tomorrow but here you are 24 hours to go nothing to do nowhere to go
wanna be sedated - you must know that nervous excitement the day before a holiday. it gets over powering especially if you got nothing to do and nowhere to go

Fuckin' rocks!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/09

THIS SONG IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!1 I love The Ramones are so awesome. I also like there songs "Blitzkreig Bop" and "Rockaway Beach". I know evey single Ramones member (Joey, Johnny, CJ, Marky, Dee Dee, Elvis(real name Clement Burke, Tommy, and Richie). Dont worry. They all weren't in the band at the same time. Only 4 members were in the band.

PS- Blitzkreig is from the German WW2. It means "lightning war".

hahaha funny song | Reviewer: Marie | 1/17/08

this song is so funny and dumb, i love it!its like one minute long, has lyrics that make no sense, but its an old classic. It's definately not the song you wanna be listening to before you go to bed. When i hear it, I cant sit still!
It makes me want to jump...or run or something!

Nice... | Reviewer: BB | 11/21/07

Its nice to be able to find accurate lyrics... that even have to way they sound out a word or other effects... thanks : )

ramones | Reviewer: jessica lyons | 4/16/07

i like the song and i want the vidieo and the lyrics and the tabs and cords please send them to me.

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