Great song, even better politics | Reviewer: Charles Harold | 9/24/11

I know, I know, some people say politics doesn't belong in a pop song, but does this apply to the shallow red, white and blue BS in contemporary country lyrics? The Ramones hit it out of the park with "Bitburg." It shows something a lot of people don't care to see: that Reagan didn't really give a damn about ordinary people, that his view of the world was whacked out. Then again, nowadays the GOP is so far to the right that Reagan wouldn't be welcome in the Party today. Re: an earlier post: Johnny Ramone, the band's great guitarist, was not a Jew and was (gasp) a Republican! He didn't care much for this song, and he apparently fought with bandmates over it. Hard to not like Johnny, though.

Great bit of political activism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/09

The Ramones had a right to disagree with some of Reagan's politics. On May 5th, 1985, Reagan presided over a wreath laying at a cemetery in Bitburg, Germany. The controversial part is that this same cemetery contained SS Nazi soldiers, who were also memorialized at this wreath laying. The entire Jewish community (The Ramones are/were Jewish) could not believe that Reagan could do this, thus smacking the Jewish community in the face.

The Ramones made music that is timeless, but rarely ventured into politics. This song, one of their best by far, is a rare political treat, but a powerful one.

For those who don't know, Bonzo was the name of a chimp in a film titles "Bedtime for Bonzo", starring Ronald Reagan. Those who did not like Reagan during his presidency referred to him as Bonzo, thus the original title for this song.

Awesome Song, Perhaps Their Best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/09

I've owned most Ramones albums over the years, even saw them once over 20 years ago, and this song still gives me chills, it's so awesome. It still kind of stings since I was a young Reagan supporter at the time, but there's no denying the Ramones' passionate (and uncharacteristic) political stance here. It sure is strange that I finally took the time to read the lyrics. Lastly, love that drum lick going into the second chorus!

One of The Greats.. But there are many! | Reviewer: Jimmy P. | 5/25/07

Great song about Reagan and about his monkey... obviously they didn't like his politics...

Review about BONZO GOES TO BITBURG | Reviewer: steven-HC-hard | 3/2/07

i think, this is the best ramones song ever.
i mean the version from the LOCO LIVE album!!!

bonzo goes to bitburg | Reviewer: jeff osak | 2/18/07

whenever i listen to this song i go outside and run around i cant stop singing it