Another Point of View | Reviewer: alexis | 6/18/10

I think this song is done with irony in mind...he's raggin' on all the people who told HIM that he wasn't old enough, or wise enough, or smart enough, probably told him to go to college for a "fall-back" to his music dreams. Kind of a big "f you" to the adults who lectured him and for everyone else who had a dream that was not the "norm"....a bank job, mortgage and kids...what you gonna do now??? HOw many parents give that lecture every minute of every day??

You are soooo cool! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/08

I think the lyrics make the singer sound like an arrogant jerk. Perhaps someone a bit older and wiser than he is could say the same thing about him... Whatever. He sounds like a graduate student TA talking down to undergrads. Wow... you are so much cooler than everyone else. If only we could have everything figured out like you do. I am not young enough to know everything anymore... but I would never demean someone else or put on airs that I am now super wise. How old is he anyway?