Letter to The Proclaimers from America | Reviewer: Tessie Kennedy | 4/30/14

US fans would like to see Sunshine on Leith. My local independent theater owner, who saw Sunshine on Leith at the Toronto film festival is ready to show it. I would buy the DVD but want to see your movie at a theater first a couple times.

Could you possibly sing Loch Lomond.
From Tessie Kennedy, Ben Lomond CA (near Loch Lomond- where we get our water).
tessiekennedy @ ymail.com

I love your version of Long Black Veil. Your video dressed up as two ladies is a riot. Love everything you have done.

Please pass this on to Craig and Charlie. Thank you.

Any fan who wants to email me please do.

I have the first 3 album and saw them live in Wantagh, NY USA | Reviewer: LU | 4/15/14

Thanks for sharing your writing, musical, and vocal talent with the world. I look forward to buying the new album. God blessed you both with a passion that touches my heart and brings me pleasure. I a not your target audience I am 73 and my 43 year old son , when he was 18, gave me your music in 1989 and I have listened ever since. God Bless you and stay away from organized Religion, as you said you go straight to the Author.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Gail Hampton | 11/20/12

This dynamic duo is a credit to the music industry - powerful songs - wonderful ballads - fantastic lyrics - truly a class act !!!! I never get tired of listening to them. Well done guys !

It's peoples loss | Reviewer: Katie | 11/9/12

I've been a fan of the Proclaimers since 88 when I saw them at a Sports Aid Concert. Lyrically there's no one to beat them, I love all kinds of music and have a very wide spectrum. They can move you with their lyrics and make you laugh. I went to see them again last night and in concert they are as good as putting the cd on in your car, their voices never falter. Long my they carry on...

PROCLAIMERS!!!! | Reviewer: Zach Runk | 2/24/09

I am 15 and in a Rock band, Punk/metal/alternative. One of our main influences is the proclaimers, they (Like said above) are definately underrated band. They are on of my absolute favorite bands, and should be known by everyone.

One of the BEST!!! | Reviewer: Micky | 1/11/08

Definitely an underrated band. The Proclaimers are among the best. Great fun, great songs, clever ideas they get across through their songs. The Proclaimers are simply AWESOME!!!