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Performed by The Postal Service

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the real meaning of the song | Reviewer: irmotimbale | 10/22/07

this song is about going to jail. thats it. and getting caught. smeard ink=fingerprinting,sweaty palms nervious, last demands=miranda rights, vinyl sticker ect.. is the info in your mug shot you hold up (to your chest)when your booked, gaudy apartment complex is the prison/jail. Visitor here and not permanent is reference that he is only there til a. he sobers up b. or is bailed out. stranger with a door key is the jailer who holds the key to your cell. some people say that "D.C. sleeps alone tonight" refers to the band Death Cab (for cutie) in which the vocalist in this song is a member of. SO if d.c. sleeps alone tonight it's because they're in their own cells sleeping.

Yeah | Reviewer: Jenna | 10/1/07

he's visiting his ex girlfriend, and obviously when people visit their ex lovers there is always going to be maybe that little hope that there will be sparks and suddenly they'll both realize that they belong together and ahhh. buut of course not, becuase in reality his ex girlfriend is still bitching at him and bossing around, and he's still not listening.
your palms are sweaty, i'm barely listening to last demands as i'm staring at the asphalt wondering what's buried underneath where I am." he's thinking about everything besides where he is..even what's underneath where he is..he just wants to get out of there because his girlfriend's changed, and she lives in a big gaudi apartment..they used to be sooo close but now he's a stranger in this big apartment when he used to frickin have the same key and share a house with her.

My Interpretation | Reviewer: LaxNDork | 8/19/07

I mean I know I'm way off but I feel like the literal meaning would be like 'ya.. this guy is going to someone's apartment complex and going to visit but he has to wear a 'visitor' sticker on his shirt' but then i dont really see it that way. at least i didnt the first few times i heard it.

the way i perceive it is that the guy and his girl are on weird terms so maybe they were in an argument or something so he goes by her apartment complex to figure things out but there's another guy in there (she's cheating on him) and the guy's got a key to her door and everything and he explains that 'i'm just visiting' as a lame excuse. and then he's talking about the closed bars and the autos being sent into the lonely evenings because he's truly out of place and alone and sad and he realizes that the guys is better than he is and she's already moved on so he sees 'why [he] was the one worth leaving' and the only thing keeping him together and preventing him from crying is tha he's in public and wants to at least save his dignity.

Amazing | Reviewer: Bekkah | 8/8/07

Definitly a deep song. I have mixed thoughts on its meaning though. I truly believe its a guy that broke apart from his girlfriend a while ago - and then found her maybe gave her a myriad of letters he had saved over the years - went to see her - and now shes a completly different person then he remembers. Shes dressed all high class and hanging out with the posh and wealthy and apparently doing well - although he sees that the girl he remembers has conformed to be something she is not.Regardless she is doing better than he is - so he states "I was the one worth leaving" He feels uncomfortable and disappointed and depressed that what he thought he would find when he found her was not what was reality. NOW the only part that gets me is the name badge. Unless thats just symbolism that he is there and she is making it known to everyone she introduces him to that he is "just visiting" as to let them know she doesnt want him to stay and to let him know the same thing. ANy thoughts?

Wuau! | Reviewer: xERa | 6/30/07

i totally understand this song, my girlfriend broke up with me a few months after she got to college, and i went there to say goodbye and the guy at the door in the dormrooms gave me a sticker wich said "visitor", and she came to me and started to talk but i barely payed attention 'cause i finally realized she chose a life where i don't belong. It still hurts thou

DOPE SHIT | Reviewer: KC | 6/24/07

this song gives me a straight hard on best song ever wow all there songs are fuckin amazinge death cab is one of a kind...ive never heard a single soul say they dislike them and thats rare postal service kicks ass to!

Goosebumps | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

I effing love this effing song. Whenever I hear it a tidalwave of emotion comes through me and I get goosebumps. It's riddiculous but my heart beats faster and faster and I can't help get butterflies as the song starts.

correction | Reviewer: ry guy | 6/3/07

the line "you seem so out of context, in this gaudy apartment complex" is actually "you seem so out of context, in this Gaudi apartment complex", referring to the various apartment complexes in europe designed by the spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. The apartments are very expensive and that is why it seems 'out of context' or hard to understand, because he finds it hard to believe that after they broke up she is living in such an expensive place, and seemingly doing perfectly fine, when he is suffering.

This song is great! | Reviewer: Kelc | 5/29/07

this song is awesome i was introduced to it by my boyfriend and i love it!!! it has a great tune and great lyrics!!

The meaning of this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/07

After argueing for a long time, a couple decides to break up once and for all. later on, when the man goes to visit his ex girlfriend he realizes that she has moved on and moved on... living in a very tastelessly showey apartment surrounded by rich clubheads. So he realizes that maybe it was better they broke up and that he should move on too. Gaudy means really showey and that's why there's no way shes a prostitute.

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