Genius! | Reviewer: Mikaela | 4/16/11

I really love this song. Just all around a great band. This reminds me of my older brother before he passed away two months ago. In realization, many people have their opinions about this song but when you think about it some of those people are right..well, most of the time. It's not everyday you hear a really amazing song and find out it's a cover. Honestly, I didn't think this song was a cover until I had asked Ben Gibbard myself. They are both fantastic guys and really nice people. I saw them in concert when I was 15 and when I heard them sing this song in my front row seat and him pointing at me was really the most exciting thing ever. Now that I am older I still feel that excitment everytime I watch the video from that night. I couldn't imagine having a better day than spending it with both of them. They inspired me to write music and I been writing ever since. Don't matter what other people have to say about these guys and who has a better version. In my opinion, The Postal Service has a decent and a good cover. People should keep their comments to themselves, but hey no one can seem to do that. I love you guys!

good old times | Reviewer: dee | 12/22/09

this song is it so much..but for somehow, the lyrics remind me of those old times when I used to get high..they will tell us to come down but we'll stay 'cause when we're high everythings look very good..
it reminds me of those good old times i used to enjoy..

also, check out Ben Fold's version | Reviewer: Nichole | 12/3/09

His piano playing is amazing and although he screws up the lyrics at one point (it was an impromptu playing at for a British broadcast) it's still very good. He said he wanted a challenge, which is why he chose The Postal Service and this song.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/09

This song is really amazing, the lyrics are
beautiful and i can listen to it forever
I like the Confide cover a little more just
because it hits home a little more, but its
beautiful anyway you sing it.

"Come down now" They'll say, but we'll stay. | Reviewer: Ed | 10/6/09

To me, this song is about that point in a relationship where both parties are completely, irrationally in love.

People are constantly telling them to get their heads out of the clouds, to come back to reality, but they are blindly passionate and feel like things are much more beautiful when they distance themselves from the rest of the world and are alone together.

I like different versions of this song to suit different moods. The Iron and Wine and The Postal Service ones have already been mentioned, but if you'd like to hear yet another good cover of this song, I'd suggest checking out the MGMT Logarhythms version.

Slowed Down | Reviewer: Isaiah | 9/12/09

It's a great song but I found out it sounds better slowed down. I don't mean different different versions just slow it down using windows media player under enhancements
put the song around 0.8 speed

It is most certainly not a cover. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/09

The cover done by Iron & Wine can actually be found on the Such Great Heights EP - this is where it first appears. The lyrics were written by Ben Gibbard. The song was performed by The Postal Service. They have full credit for this song.


Nice but... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/09

This Is a Cover, the song was originally performed by Iron & Wine. the reason this is allowed is because Samuel Beam and Jimmy Tamborello are good friends. Iron & Wine's Original Version can be found on the release "Around the Well"

Pure Genius ;) | Reviewer: Kerry | 2/2/08

haha one word: AWESOME < 3 i heart this song. i like it cuz not many people know this song [from where im from]. this is definitly my fave version of this song :] if you llove this song, i love you :D

The Lyrics.. | Reviewer: Rach. | 1/13/08

The Lyrics Are Amazing! And if you really think about it they do mean alot..
i love this song..
and the band just rules..
i found out about them from the emma watson website! haha!
anyway.. great band.. and i think this is theyre best song..