acoustic | Reviewer: pandabear | 11/12/07

if you havent already, try to find the slower acoustic version of this song, i feel like its a bit more touching, but if you feel like dancing this version wont do it for you.

really cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/07

i really like this song the first time i heard it cause it was catchy and i loved the beat. it is a pretty awsome song to sing and dance to and its base is really solid......

hehe | Reviewer: gina | 9/17/07

thats so funny me and my boyfriends first kiss was to this song and the best part was that it was also in the rain haha

love it | Reviewer: sair | 9/15/07

i heard the ben folds cover, which is amazing. so i went and looked for the original
i love it so much!! <33

Amazing. | Reviewer: Rachel | 9/15/07

This song is one of my favorite songs. And i NEVER get tired of listening to it. It calms me down and Cheers me up a little. I love this Song. END OF STORY.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/07

this song is the best and you all should listen to Ben Folds' cover of it its awesome too...but the original is sooo cool!

wow... | Reviewer: Jessy | 5/7/07

my bf just sent this to me and i think its soooo sweet!!!!

great song | Reviewer: Tyler | 5/5/07

i originally heard this at my high school dance show where my girlfriends best friend and my best femal friend were dancing to this song, it's definetly a good song, and when i saw the lyrics, really made me think about my relationship, music can move ppl, and i think that this song does...

Captivated | Reviewer: Lucy | 4/25/07

Once I heard this song, I seemed to be enamored by the way it relaxes a person and seems to take you to a world you've never been to before.

GREAT! | Reviewer: Utah | 3/31/07

I recently heard it covered by IRON + WINE,and I can't get enough of it both ways.I LOVE the lyrics.I wish they'd play it on the radio more!!!