hit me | Reviewer: Tymusz | 3/30/07

here in Holland, this song was downmixed to a soundtrack to a commercial. It hit me straight away! but the full version has much nicer arrangements and the lyrics really make it hit home.

Sweetness! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/07

Great song! Ben Folds did a great cover of this song as well!

i love it. | Reviewer: Sam | 2/10/07

ugh.. i love this song so much.
reminds me of a certin boy i miss...
its really an awesome song.

Fact: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/06

jimmy and ben wrote this song exchanging letters and beats in the mail, hence their name. itunes review on the such great heights EP will spell it out for you in english or whatever language to your liking. you have a huge wealth of knowledge here on the internet, go ahead do a little browsing. Don't go running to another mess. board though cause 95% of the info on there is crap.
Please before you post actually do a little research. thats the problem with with internet today everyone thinks their stated opinion is a fact "to the best of their knowledge it is".

What's all the hype??????? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/06

Okay, so it's a song saying . . ."from a distance we look great so, we'll just stay there and let people think that. Even though they'd rather we be real with them." And musically . . . there's not much there. Lame lyrics, lame guitar, lame beat. Why do you like this song?

yes, but it's not theirs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/06

it's an excellent song and I agree with everyone else here, but make sure you know that THE POSTAL SERVICE DID NOT WRITE IT. This song is the creative genius of IRON AND WINE, so be sure to give them the credit they deserve. Anyone with a good voice and a few hours on their hands can put together a cover of a song. writing one is a different story.

oops.. heh... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/06

right. my bad. it is theirs, iron and wine covered the postal service. dammit I always mess that one up. yay postal service rocks!

Lightning Strikes | Reviewer: Andy Cureado | 7/26/06

The secret to great lyrics is to capture a flash of lightning before its brilliance fades from experience into memory. Such Great Heights conveys, completely intact, a moment of illumination, and provides listeners with a moment of genuine awe.

My life is better now.... | Reviewer: phil | 7/4/06

Just found The Postal Service by browsing on Yahoo. I just can't believe that I might never have heard their music!!! This track in particular is wonderful - it just makes me feel good every time I hear it. The rest of their stuff is brilliant as well. Reminds me of New Music/Erasure/Pet Shop Boys with a big dose of originality. Wow.....

hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/06

hey this song has a great beat. the postal service did a great job on this one. the one problem is that i heard it after a classmate had died and i was thinking about him, so it is a depressing song to me now.