Memories | Reviewer: Alan Thompson | 10/28/13

I have fond memories working on tours with them in the later years when Spanky was with them, had a great time on UK tours and European tours, nice people and was sad when we lost John.

Alan ( Musician )

Rewrite please | Reviewer: Harvey | 12/8/12

Good info for those wanting to know, in a brushstroke, the history of the Mamas and Papas but, please, someone do a rewrite and correct all the grammatical errors which make reading it a little difficult to those who care about such things.

The Grand Years | Reviewer: Georgie | 2/27/12

I remember, a tapestry of woven inspirations...the mamas and papas,George Harrison,bob Dylan,Kingston trio,bobby Darren,Byrd s,Sonny and Cher,Monkee's,Spanky and our gang , Lovin spoonful,Herp Albert, Donovan.Hollywood blvd to the Islands of exotic.John Phillips the moody genius,Michelle as the shy sexy smooth vocalist,Dennis doherty as the aggressive singer,lead man.
Cass Elliot as the vamp tell all up front singer loud and beautiful giving the words meaning.Together creating colors of dark blue,overcast weather~ jazzy days at the record label.A touring force that left a musical landmark for others to come@

It looks like yesterday.... | Reviewer: rosely | 3/6/09

And it looks like enduring forever. I was just 13 when I first heard them sing, and have not stopped eversince. Sometimes I donĀ“t believe their career together lasted only 2,5 years.
No matter what I just love them !

Hey | Reviewer: GAGY | 6/18/07

I totally love you guys
u rock this world
u make me feel good
specially when im pmsing

monday monday | Reviewer: shane richards | 5/9/07

surly monday monday was there bigest hit i never heard "calafornia dreaming" untill it was done by jose faliciorno on the flip side of "light my fire" which i thought was great and when i heard the mamas and papas do it it seemed a bit wishy washy