A Love That Never Happen | Reviewer: Ragan | 12/13/13

When I was young I was adopted with my sister. I was three and a half years old and my sister was almost six. My life as a kid with my birth parents weren't as good as many people had there lives. When I was growing up my Mom always told me to treat people the way you want to be treated. I bet your parents said that to you too but it was different for me. I would always do what anyone told me to do because I wanted to be loved. Especially because my birth parents didn't love me. In 7th grade I met this guy in my science class. We barley talked. I didn't know what to say to him. In 8th grade I have science with him again and he sits right next to me. In my school we have groups in science and the people in the groups can only talk to the people in their own groups. So I guess that had to be the reason this amazing guy was sitting right next to me and actually talking to me. I started to really like him. He had everything. He was smart, funny, sweet, and he also was madly adorable. A couple months into the school year I heard that he had a girlfriend by many people. I don't want to ask him if it's true because if he says yes then I would just look stupid. But if he says no then he would know that I liked him.

no more mom story | Reviewer: Kiana Estep | 11/10/13

When I was little my mom left my dad so he had to take care of me himself but she came back again. although she came bake it wasn't long until POOF! gone again! and she didn't come back so I looked around and found out that she was in north Dakota. Not to mention her boy friend is a guy that my dad doesn't like because he thought that he stole from him. I don't see her anymore but if I'm lucky I'll get to talk to her. since I'm still young I still live with my dad. The song reminds me of the hopelessness of ever having a normal life with a mom and dad and maybe a sis because I'm not an only child but my mom has 3 others but they have another dad and I don't live with them and I haven't seen the youngest which is a couple years older than me in about 3-4 years at least.

My story in 3rd and 4th grade | Reviewer: Sandra | 10/26/13

When I was in 2nd and 1st grade there was this boy that I like his name was Jesus and he asked me out to be my boyfriend and I said yes but then 3rd grade came and there was a girl named Ashley and my boyfriend, Jesus fell in love with her and he olny likes her beacause she was prettier then me then one day my boyfriend Jesus asked her out that's when I was so sad so I didn't go to school for 3 days then on December 23, 2013 Ashley was moving to Texas and I was so happy then when she was about to leave she told her best friend Jayda: Tell Jesus that I'm dumping him. Then Jayda said ok, then she told Jesus and he said why and Jayda said I don't know so 3 days past and Jesus fell in love with Jayda so he asked her out! Then school was over and then like 3 or 4 months past and I went to 4th grade and Jesus was not in my class and he fell in love with a girl that looked like Jayda and there was this nerd that fell in love with me so he smiled at me but I didn't smiled at him back. Then like on September somthing 2013 I had facebook then I friended Jesus and he liked my pictures and I was like OMG and I was sweating but the I un friended him then when I was back to school and he fell in love with me and I said on my mind I don't like you, you olny like girls that are pretty and that's when I was crying the end.

True Love | Reviewer: Jasmine Khan | 6/4/13

Once upon a time there was a girl known as Ann,she was a blind girl she had only 2 or 3 friends because of it and one of them was a boy known as Sam who loved more then himself and proposed her many times but Ann always said that i want to see you than i would marry you. One fine day someone donated her eyes and then Sam said now you can see me so can we marry. Ann was shocked and said you are blind so why should i marry you so Sam said as you wish but take care of yourself and of my eyes!

A Family that was spreeding apart | Reviewer: Salma Walter | 4/11/12

Once there was a family who had all type of emergencys they would have to go to the hospital every night sometimes days thy had there yougest new born daughter who had cancer the oldest daughter how had a hole in her heart and the mother and father where dead so they got adopted from an other family well there parents had something that can possibly kill them in there heart they would get up at 12 o'clock to go to the hospital so one hurrible day there father came home angry because he got fired from work because [he was a drug seller] so he went to sell drugs to get money because they where broke they used almost all the money for the family to go to the hospital so he went home he was in his office bragging and he told the oldest daughter to try a beer so she didn't no what had in it it had tobacko init with alchall and she didn't want any so she told him5 times he was telling her to drink she said no and her dad got his belt of and wipped her 5 times she went crying to her room and she heard her baby sister crying her dad was wipping the baby to so she went over when her dad was going down the stairs so she got the baby and went outside the window and went to the police and told them that there dad hit her and the baby so that night the police went to the house and areccted the father so they told them where is the mother and the dauhter said she hasen't came home for 3 weeks or so and they told them what was her name and they said Carrie Simmesin and they told them that she was killed by there father so they told the girls so they got adopted to a family who now loves the .