Maybe that's not really the lyrics | Reviewer: Stan | 5/14/07

It makes more sense if it was "good ol' friend" instead of "girlfriend".

sooo confusing | Reviewer: susan | 4/14/07

im confuse but i think that when he says "its not confidential ive got potential he might be refering that he or she or both of them are bisexual people well thats what i think

she is a he | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/06

Ok check this out retards, the girlfriend he had in feb... was a guy, a transexual, and he didn't know.
"somebody told me
You had a boyfriend
Who looked like a girlfriend
That I had in February of last year"
it's that simple, and if you look closely in the video, the girl in the red dress is a can see him partially hiding his face at the very beginning.

The first verse is a flashback to when he met her/him... the last verse:
"Pace yourself from me
I said maybe baby please
But I just don't know now
When all I wanna do is try

is his realization/confusion that it was a guy..telling him get the f*#$ away from me, but.. he really just wants to believe the rumor isn't true.. hope this was helpful.

A boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend | Reviewer: Jill | 7/17/06

You know that look, a hot guy that wears eyeliner and styles his hair. You know, the ones in the rock bands, and not the particularly the ones from the 80's. I think this song is about a guy that likes a girl that currently is dating a georgeous guy that looks kind of like a girl. This makes the song so hot...if you think of it this way!!

none | Reviewer: mandy | 6/26/06

Are you all seriously brain damaged? These lyrics are incredibly clear: someone told this man that this person had an effeminate boyfriend that the original man has had (ie slept with and/or been with) previously, in February. It's not confusing at all. If you have any problem with this, then you should reevalute your lack of tolerance and intelligence, not go to lengths to avoid the actual meaning of the lyrics.

Iffy lyrics | Reviewer: Dalton | 10/26/05

The song is great, and the lyrics are interesting, but I think that the previous theories are backwards. I think that he thinks he is gay. "Somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girldfriend that I had in feb. of last year" could go either way, about him or her, but what gets me is "It's not confidential that I've got potential" which makes me think that he might be gay.

somebody told me | Reviewer: michael | 9/25/05

first of all, i was listening to this song for months before i started to think about the lyrics - but the part of the song:

"Well somebody told me/You had a boyfriend/Who looks like a girlfriend/That I had in February of last year"

Earlier in the song he says:

"Breaking my back just to know your name"
"Never thought I'd let a rumour ruin my moonlight "

I think that hes talking about a girl that he's seen but doesnt know anything about her, but hes heard rumours from people that she is a lesbian, and now hes not sure about her:

"You had a boyfriend/Who looks like a girlfriend/That I had..."

Then near the end of the song he says:

"Pace yourself for me/I said maybe baby please/But I just don't know now"

From all this, i think that this song is about him hearing a rumour that a girl he liked is a lesbian, and now that hes heard it hes not sure about her. Im sure im missing more of this song, but this is just what i can get from it

My God This Songs Funny | Reviewer: Allison (aka Killer Fanatic) | 8/10/05

I know alot of you dont get it, but when he says: Well somebody told me, that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that I had in Febuary of last year, It means that his ex-girlfriend that he still liked, got a new boyfriend who looked like a girl. Meaning her new boyfriend is friggen butt ugly. Lol.

Good Stuff keep it up | Reviewer: Molly | 3/23/05

Its good to finally see good music back in our charts, i was sick of being bombarded wuth meanigless crap ie hip hop that has no beat or substance to it.... this is a song that demonstrates good music and should be appreciated, good stuff by the killers... bring back rock and let good music live on



feel free to email me with you thoughts though even if u disagree or agree

awesome song... | Reviewer: Luc | 1/5/05

It's a rumor thing. I think SHE has a girlfriend actually, but rumor has it she has moved on, but he finds out it's actually with another woman?

YO! | Reviewer: Silhouette | 12/11/04

I LUV this song SO MUCH!
One thing: there are extra lyrics in this! the section of "Ready? lets roll onto something new. But heaven ain't close in a place like this. anything goes but don't blink you migh miss"
That littel section? it doesn't exist. i was listening to the CD while reading over the lyrics. it skips from, "Ready? lets roll onto something new. taking its toll and i'm leaving without you" to "cause heaven ain't close in a place like this. I said heaven ain't close in a place like this, bring it back down....(so on)" what happened? maybe it is different but it wasn't on the CD. Well...oh well. Mt grammar is all over the place right now. @_@ okay. whateva. STILL LUV THE KILLERS!!

THE BEST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/04

I absolutely love this song and am listening to it non-stop. I'm addicted to this song.

what does it mean? | Reviewer: nat | 11/2/04

well somebody told me
you had a boyfriend
who looks like a girlfriend
that i had in february of last year
so a dude's relating a girlfriend he had (in feb) to the grl (who he likes) boyfriend????
soooo confusing

Sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/04

This song is one of my favorite songs, the music itself is awesome and so are the lyrics. This song rulez!

Good, but what does it mean? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/04

Ok, I love this song, but im still confused as to what it is about...~Somebody Told me that you have a boyfriend thats looks like a girlfriend that i had in February of last year~..I AM SO its a dude that looks like a chick? Or maybe a girl who is manly? or maybe its some kind of sex-change or something...i have no clue, but i'd like to know. Anyway, its a kick ass song no matter what, so enjoy!