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Performed by The Killers

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Well I never, no seriously. Mike | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/10

Maybe were all replaceable but Brandon sure isn't. I think she made a bigger mistake and he is modest in thinking himself so ordinary. Come on he's one of a kind. One damm charismatic singer and soo well dressed! Also, let's not forget fabulous. Wow yeah, Im embarrasing myself. I'd like to see this chick. If he's crying over her, she must be some goddess or something. Nah I doubt it. He's over it. This song was a fit. Look at the big picture. It's all about his issues and that's just one of em. Ok. But coming from him it's touching. How he makes such little senseless things glamour in the spot light. I can't help but see the beauty in innocence. BTW this is my first public opinion! Hooray! It's sort of like my my blog birth or whatever it's called. Should b copywritten. Lol. (C) but yeah the killers rock!!! I just heard this song for the first time 5 mins ago and was shocked to find it was theirs. It's so umm... I gues kinda something else. Regardless it is still worthy of being deemed genuine within it's own sense. A million people could write a theme like that but not anyone except the killers could transform it and expose it's raw beauty in such a form. It's a masterpiece!

bigfan | Reviewer: atila | 10/15/09

this song is about a young lover who gets rejected by some girl and hes devesasted and abused by his ex.

when he finds out that she gets dumped hes surprised and still desperate to get back.

replaceble means hes replaceble by his ex, he feels worthless

Too Deep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/09

I'm pretty sure everyone who has commented on this song has failed to see the deeper point...beyond the girl who is the subject of the song being a "bitch"...that I think the final stanza sheds light on. Arguably, the girl probably cares about Brandon (or whoever) just as much because she's been willing to stick around for long enough to see him "die a thousand times." That can't be easy. And if the dude truly cared about the girl, he should be glad that she's doing fine...that doesn't make her a bitch. Is not evident if it is her fault of his fault that they aren't is only evident that the couple has split and the girl is with someone else and is attempting to move on. And if she's with someone else, of course she'd have to pretend she does not care about this dude, even if she still can't introduce your new boyfriend to your ex and be like "Wow, isn't he gorgeous? Can't you see why I used to be crazy about him?" Furthermore, the dude refers to himself as "naive" and claims he needs to "understand" which indicates that he had some fault, if not equal or greater fault, in the failure of the relationship. I would argue that the dude thought the girl should realize how he felt about her without him ever verbally expressing those feelings...and they've both been hurt before...the girl responds to that hurt by trying to move on despite her feelings because she believes the dude doesn't really care for her...and the dude responds to that hurt by making himself suffer because he's too scared to admit how much he cares for the girl because he thinks she doesn't really care for him. It seems that the dude singing the song has self esteem issues that he wants to blame on someone else. But maybe I am looking way, way too deep into this song. I really liked it, that's why I looked deep.

Adorable song | Reviewer: MRS.NATURE | 11/20/08

L'm crazy about this song <3 , it's remember some thing that a friends of mine tell me. He say to me that I will replace him and well , it's kinda happen. I'm not a Bitch but I can recognize myself in this part of this song

" and soon you'll find you're all alone
you call me on the telephone
who'd have thought that you'd regret
all those evil things you said
now as friends, we say goodbye
I think there's something in my eye"

It's some much like my relationship with my guy friend! So ... I' addicted to this song , the Killers always write wonderful lyric <3

i love it | Reviewer: isabel | 11/9/07

i love this song. i think all of us can relate to it in someway. I wonder if ut's about a real person, this song makes me wanna go out and look for her to kick her ass

I Think There's Something in My Eye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/07

This song is amazing, my favorite by the killers.
I can see Brandon in the studio singing this song when I listen to it, him on the verge of tears. It sounds really from a special place.

Nostalgia | Reviewer: Opinionist | 8/22/07

It brings back that heartache of the past, I listen to it and can't help but sing along. Just listening to the song I can feel the cruelty, the neglect and the knowledge, she's not comming back.

so true!!!!! | Reviewer: Letty | 7/14/07

the lyrics, the music, and the way Brandon sings, it sounds like every song comes from hes hearth. He puts life on the lirycs.
fan forever

Weird as HELLLLL! | Reviewer: Victor | 5/15/07

idk why but every time i listen to a Killers song,it feelz like it was written for me

time teaches me to pretend it doesn't matter | Reviewer: Minty | 5/6/07

Wow, that HO!! This song is perfect for the man who is waiting on his "love" who never cared for him as much.......
replaceable is soo RELATEABLE!!

IT's Crazy
p.s. the killers + their music + the charisma + their lyrics makes me soo proud to be a fan :)

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