what a hit! | Reviewer: sijie | 8/17/11

i just got into it when i first time heard it. i was just had split up with my girlfriend before i heard this song. i found somehow it turned all these shit from sadness to be cool, u guys see what i mean?

old dog young music | Reviewer: tom | 5/10/11

i am 62 and kickin with "THE KILLERS".all their music is on my ipod and that goes with me everywhere,especially on my 15 mile walks 3 times a week.READ MY MIND keeps me at a 15 mimute mile.you must really listen to the lyrics.

:) | Reviewer: Jo (UK) | 3/5/11

Seriously, I love this song, sam I totally agree this is the best song ever written and indeed Isabella Brandon flowers does have a voice like a god. This song has so much meaning and thought, if it catches you at the right moment it can bring out some serious emotions!! the killers are the legends of this day, and they have so much influence in my life. BRANDON, RONNIE, DAVE and of course MARK ... THANK YOU !!

?? | Reviewer: aaron | 11/19/10

Can someone explain me the lyrics please? I'm not from USA, I speak and understand English, but I want to try to understand all the philosophy within the lyrics, is not the same when you read a poem in your language, I know there's a lot of deep meanings here.


READ MY MIND | Reviewer: norderntawndish | 10/1/10

Rarely does original talent appear in music and lyric writinig. We live in an X factor age where the image is all. But Brandon is living proof that there is still creativity and originalty out there. This song has beauty and depth,it will keep you thinking and analysing about what makes his mind work and what fires his talent.He is enigmatic yet will reach far inside you. His songs are lifes cannon and you will find something for every mood. His creative ability is bound to produce some great work in the future. Of his efforts so far Read My Mind ranks as one of the best songs in the last 30 years. I am pleased those few people who see nothing in this song have the X Factor to satisfy their two dimensional voyeuristic lives.

Larry The Retard! | Reviewer: Tarey | 8/15/10

Really Larry? Comparing The Killers music and lyrics to Lionel Ritchie?? You sir, are an idiot! Your ears aren't even worthy enough to listen to The Killers if you are going to make such ignorant statements. I am interested to see which band's ARE worthy for your ears...

omg this song make me feel in the sky | Reviewer: alejandro (chilean) | 7/30/10

I´m from Chile...when i heard this song at the first i felt my heart jumping a lot!!! im studing enlgish at the university in Argentina and i really hope to be able to understand this lyric on my own...i dont like to use translater!

of someone want to help in in english and make me company with the killers that will be great!

read my mind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/10

i love this song so much!!!! it has such a deep meaning to me it speaks to me in volumes. ive heard it over a thousand times and i mever get tired of it. thank you brandon flowers i love you for this wonderful song!!!!

Best song ever | Reviewer: sam | 3/21/10

"Read my Mind" is the greatest song ever written. Its combination of lyrics, rhythm, melody, voice and instrumentation is totally compelling. I can't stop listening to it. Somebody help me! The lyrics take some puzzling through but are worth the effort. Several stanzas are clearly about what is in his mind, angst and confusion, religious imagery and violence, a trapeze and trampoline as means of escape. And what's in his mind at the end, after his girl takes him back, is perfect. Wow!

Okay, really. | Reviewer: Isabella | 2/16/10

The ones who say there is no meaning behind this.
There clearly is a meaning behind it.
The Killers are a band that actually have a singer who sings like a god, who has fantastic instrumentals , and wonderful lyrics.
Open up your vocabulary, idiots. You'll get the big picture.
Personally, "A Dustland Fairytale" is my favorite.
It's so powerful, but "Read My Mind" gives me chills every time I listen to it.
I mean, Brandon Flowers, oh my.
I want to marry that man.