O gosh let me correct all of you! Specialy LARRY!!! | Reviewer: Mike | 12/30/09

Hey Larry!1st thing, The Killers RULE!!! 2nd The Killers RULE!!! and 3th it's no "are me humans or are me dancers" it's "Are we HUMAN or are we DANCER" Ok!!!
PS: The Killers are the best band in the UNIVERSE!!!!

THE BEST | Reviewer: Chad | 11/19/09

There aren't enough adjectives to describe the beauty and genius behind the lyrics of "Read My Mind" and "Human." Personally, I don't see how Brandon will outdo "Read My Mind."
However, allow me to share this: At one of the lowest points in my life when I lost everything these songs opened my eyes and my heart. I owe Brandon Flowers and his band so much because those songs inspired me to get off the pity wagon and get my life back. Isn't is so amazing how just one song can really touch a person?
It's hard to find music these days that is REAL. Those lyrics come from Brandon's heart and because of that: I felt it in mine.
Rock on Killers. Rock on.

AMAZ\INGG | Reviewer: Cass | 7/6/09

you all need to shut the fuck up. honestly, if you had any musical input you would understand the meaning of both "Read My Mind" and "Human". The Killers have fantastic lyrics. If you don't "understand" t.hem then that's your issue, not theirs, because it's pretty easy to notice this genius. Brenden Flowers is musically brilliant with his lyrics. Please, have some respect.

"SO WHAT!" | Reviewer: Ryan.... | 6/15/09

Ok, the lyrics above say "Oh well, I don't mind if you don't mind...." I thought it was was "So what, I don't mind...". First time they say it, it DOES sound like "so what". Second time, I suppose, does sound like "oh well". I was hoping that both were "So what", with the second go-round of "so what" just sounding more punk. Also, and call me weird, when he says "the restless HEART...." it has a southern drawl to it. Later in the song they say "The teenage queen, the loaded gun;
The drop dead dream, the Chosen One,
A SOUTHERN DRAWL, a world unseen;"... though that part does not have a southern drawl, I think that it's a reference to the earlier lyrics (restless he-arrrt). Probably just thinkin' too much.

I'm mostly a fan of "Alt-Country", HUGE Jayhawks, Gary Louris/Mark Olson fan. But these guys are just damn good. I agree with the earlier post about the Strokes - effin great. Not that it's a competition, except maybe in my mind between fans of both bands (and maybe it's not, because many like both), but the Strokes blow the White Stripes out of the water. Oh, and THAT's actually the gospel. I know. Music really isn't subjective, there's good and there's bad. By grace of cool people I've known since around 15 (now 33), which was late in the game by many of other people standards, and that's cool, but I know GOOD music.

Can You Read My Mind | Reviewer: Larry | 5/3/09

The Killers' song, "Somebody Told Me" was brilliant, but come on! The verse lyrics work fine to "Can You Read My Mind," but the chorus lyrics "I don't shine, if you don't shine," are some of the most banal cliched dumbass lyrics I've ever heard, as are "Are We Humans or Are We Dancers." They're in a class with Lionel Ritchie's "Say You,Say Me," (I don't know what the fuck my stupid lyrics mean).

Good | Reviewer: Alexis | 1/31/09

just to let you know good job, cause I look up other pages and the last part was wrong, they put "When you read my mind" after "stars are..." and it´s like you said, "can you"...
great, well done
be well

Awsome song! | Reviewer: Mary | 12/19/08

This song is like way to good to be true it was probably the best sobng in history ever made even better than the veronicas and 30 seconds to mars one of my fav bands well i love3 you killers ( not really) :)

please continue making this great songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/08

I just fu...ing love it. When you hear it, it makes you feel good. Can any one else make some more grat music like this band?, please there are plenty of good ideas out there, just grab them and write them.

what a beautiful song this is! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/08

I loved it from the first moment I heard it! The music is so tender and the lyrics just wonderful and tender as well. To my eyes and ears the killers is a very interesting and creative band, bravo!

it's absolutely beautiful! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/08

This song arrived 2 me. I was very sad walking one day and then i heard that song and saw it in a tv. I stopped and i felt fine.
My fav song is Mr Brightside cuz i was on a stage with my band and we had nothing 2 play but that song and it was so beautiful and the audience loved us!