Great | Reviewer: Vikram | 5/21/07

i m really rejuvanated...when i listen to this song......and it reming me off my Gf

GREAT SONG..! | Reviewer: nathan | 5/13/07

THIS is a great song and it is calm and relieves some stress. subtle beat. the video is great too!! Its an easy song to sing to. EASY to remember!!!
BEST SONG along with MR BRIGHTSIDE!!!!!!!!

Read my mind 10/10 | Reviewer: Pete | 5/10/07

Read my mind by the Killers is a fantastic song...Is almost a love song in someways but without the cheeseiness of Bon Jovi or something like that. Will always make me think of the girl I am seeing now.

perfect | Reviewer: ruly t. | 5/7/07

this i not kind of joke in music,its about a perfect song...

for me ,"READ MY MIND" its maybe one of the greatest songs on this of course "THE KILLERS" doing a "masterpiece" and lyrics, so lovely.

god bless "the killers" (ironic)

great | Reviewer: sue | 5/5/07

best Killers song - uplifting & great for when you're feeling down

read my mind!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/07

this is the kind of stuff you can sing your lungs to!! LOVES IT!!! it works when your stressed or just out of it.......MY FAVORITE!!!!!!

<3 | Reviewer: Elise | 5/3/07

Love this song. It's my favourite song from The Killers

I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Nat | 4/28/07

BEST BEST BEST song ever written and ever recorded....the music video is even more cool and i just love it and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

LoVeLy | Reviewer: Sia | 4/29/07

this song is really really great! when i feel down i hear it and..cheer up!!!!

This song rocks | Reviewer: door | 4/28/07

This is the best killers song ever. i love it. the video is so different too. LOVE IT!