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Performed by The Killers

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The Trilogy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/07

"The Murder Trilogy" is Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf (from Sawdust), Midnight Show, and then Jenny Was a Friend of Mine. Basically, it's about a jealous boyfriend/husband who kills off his wife. (because either he cheated, or he thought she did.)And then he kills her and gets rid of the body in Midnight Show. (He literally took his baby's breath, it has nothing to do with flowers.) Mr. Brightside could be related, but from what I understand, it's not from the same set.

And I'm pretty sure Brandon was never accused of murder, otherwise this song would be like, practically owning up to it. Just look at what happened to OJ.

Explanation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

I've read that the 1st part of the set is "Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf" (released in Sawdust) and that makes sense because of in the lyrics of that song he talks to "Jennifer"

Favourite song ever | Reviewer: Chris | 11/21/07

I love this song! especially the keyboard at the end. I think the lyrics 'she couldnt scream while i held her close' suggests he suffocated her maybe? i love the link of the all three songs aswell. Just shows how talented the killers are.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/07

you all really got it, but i think that it's weird these songs have sick lyrics but they are beautiful. brandon is a genious. i think this song is about how he is trying to lie about not killing her, but of course he did in midnight show (best song ever). and mr. brightside is like how he didnt mean to get in a relationship with her but he is stuck with her. so he kills her.

Jenny's death.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/07

This is, I agree, definitely related to Mr. Brightside and Midnight Show. However, it sounds like this one could go either way--he killed her, or he held her while...she died? But the screaming part is pretty incriminating...

Sareese | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/07

This song is really good, but the lyrics kind of mystify me. I keep hearing that it's about a guy who killed his girlfriend out of jealousy, but it sounds like an honest defense of his innocence. (It sounds like he says Jenny was his friend and he had no motive for killing her.) Great song though.

an explanation: | Reviewer: emily | 9/22/07

I'm pretty sure that Mr. Brightside is part I of the set, and that it's about her cheating on him, and then part II is A Midnight Show, before he kills her, and part III is Jenny Was A Friend of Mine, and thats the next day, talking to the cops.

Jenny | Reviewer: CP | 9/20/07

What I think, is that since Brandon writes his own songs, its from his point of view.
My friend told me that he was accused of killing his friend and this song was like in reply to the whole thing.
But idk.

Clue! | Reviewer: Edgar | 7/16/07

Hey! this song may be the first part of Mr. Brigthside :s
I've notice that this song is before Mr. Brightside in the CD, this song may explain what happens in Mr. Brightside.

? | Reviewer: Lila | 7/10/07

I have a strong feeling that this song is about a guy being accused of murdering Jenny, and the lyrics are voicing his POV. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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