In Memory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/12

I just lost a close friend of mine ... he was such a great guy ... I wish I've never turned him down ... I wish I've told him how much I cared about him ....I still can't believe he is gone.

Rest in peace W.A.G

All of creation waits with infinite patience for us to evolve | Reviewer: Mindy | 6/20/09

It's amazing how the most profound experience we are about to have sneaks into the stream of consciousness almost unnoticed. I think this song is about the impending release of this dualistic reality; the evolution of the human being. The unknown distance represents the infinite being that we each and all are; it looks upon the limited expression of itself and it wants so much more for you. As frail as we are and as short a time we exist here our humbled feelings of insignificance are unfounded because the universe waits for you. Your spirit being, yourself, just wants to be with you again and we silly humans are just on pause and the universe is still. All the wisdom you've plucked up and grasped so tightly throughout this life echoes in your being. It is all you hear because it's all you need to hear; give the signal to let your mind go and it will allow us all to transcend. I believe that the souls release is about coming into our godhood, not about dying. He knows fear and everything we hold dear in this realm is about to vanish; along with it the suffering. When aware of this infinite beyond waiting for you there is still nothing you can do or say since it's all done and said. It's happening now. It's so wild, this trip, but all you can do is bless your journey for what it is and step into the unknown. This band offers so much and we are all very fortunate to have access to beautiful truth.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Pluto | 1/29/09

I think this song is about a loved one who passed away. It's heart breaking to go through something like this. The singer tries to keep that special someone with him, but he realizes that it's hopeless, and let's that person go...It's all so sad...