HEY i can tell ya! | Reviewer: Clara Jay | 1/9/09

This song is about andy messersmith. He lives in Nephi, Utah and works as a PE teacher in Juab highschool where he and brandon flowers went to school! Andy was a football and wrestling star. He always made fun of Brandon. Andy also is the high school wrestling coach. Alot of kids who have him for PE hate him! Believe me i KNow all this cuz i go to juab high school!

Cathie -Jean | Reviewer: Cathie | 12/11/08

K first off, i live in nephi, andy is my older cousin, this song is not about a girlfriend or whatever, or even crushes. Andy is very good at sports and went all state in my high school./
He was mean to brandon and teased him and so brandon wrote a song about it. Be noce you know nothing.

Dude! Or chick? | Reviewer: Andy | 11/25/08

You know~! Maybe Andy is a chick? @.@ You know about the line where it's like "In a car with a girl, promise me she's not your world" it could mean that maybe she is a lesbian and this guy doesn't want her to be >.> ever think about that? oooooo

Meaning | Reviewer: tom | 10/11/08

Hey I'm from the town Brandon grew up, Nephi, Utah. It's a small town where everyone knows everybody. Brandon is singing about a kid named Andy(Messersmith)who was all state athlete in a few different sports. At Juab High School where Brandon went to school, Andy's pictures and trophies are still in the hallways. Andy made fun of Brandon in school and Brandon wanted to be like Andy, as far as popularity goes. Brandon didn't have a crush on Andy, just looked up to him.

Stop trying to find a meaning | Reviewer: Andy | 6/20/08

You guys should REALLY stop trying to find a "real" meaning to this song, since no one will really care and will give it their own interpretation, art is like this, there is no real meaning for anything so just shut up ^^

meaning | Reviewer: coolgurl | 2/1/08

this song is about a male coach at a school that loved this boy named andy and killed the his girlfriend the verdict is in...just my opinion its still a good song

wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/07

this song is about a bully at his high school and the bully is Andy
Messersmith the wrestling coach at north sanpete high school and he addmits he was mean to him

Andy ur a star! | Reviewer: somebody | 10/20/07

ok, did anyone perhaps think that "Andy" might be referring to Brandon Flowers... they sound slightly similar and maybe hes talking about his highschool days or something... just a guess. i really have no idea though... someone tell me if im wrong or right please! :)

Andy.... | Reviewer: Helen | 10/10/07

I have no idea how people are thinking that this is about Brandon having a crush on a man. The lyrics are clearly about a guy telling his friend that he has way too much on the line to let a girl mess up his dreams. That said, It is by far my favorite Killer's tune....definitely love how incredibly sexy Brandon's voice is on this. Yummy.

Let's Get It "Straight" | Reviewer: Christian Amez | 8/4/07

Alright, I haven't run into a single person who has the story of this song "straight." The song is not about any man having a crush on another man, or the time in Brandon's life when he questioned his sexuality. It's in fact about one of Brandon's friends in high school, Andy Messersmith, who was an aspiring football player for their school. You can find some of that info out in a brief news interview with Andy's mom:


The song is about Brandon's belief in Andy that he will one day become a star athlete, and his wish that Andy would not ruin that chance by falling in love too early, or failing in school (hinted in the line, "In the staff room the verdict is in"). It is not discovered whether Andy failed his classes (at least in that line), so this is up to people's interpretation of the song, but his attitude through high school was that he didn't want to listen to Brandon's or anyone else's advice in regards to how he should live his life. I hope that's all straightened out.