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Performed by The Jeff Healey Band

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My Fiance's Angel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/09

My fiance calls me his angel and he always wonders how he could possibly have ended up with a girl like me. He's never heard this song until tonight but he thinks it describes our relationship perfectly

This is Our song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

When I first met my husband back in 1992 he sang this song to me as it was playing over the intercom in a Rite-Aid drug store. He was on one knee holding my hands and singing this song and that is when he ask me to marry him. Before the song was over there were about 20 people standing there listening and watching some with tears in there eyes tell me "I wish I had a man that would do that for me" Oh ya I said Yes and that song has been our song ever since

Its Perfect | Reviewer: mikaela reed | 8/22/08

My Fiance Name For Me Is Angel Eyes. it jus perfect .. i think i am goin to use it as our first song or for when am walking up the htoel aisle .. he always says how did he get me ..
n tht i am too good for him
i love this song i ace.. perfect..

Love this song! | Reviewer: A. Gray | 7/28/08

I had never heard of tis song until my husband was downloading songs one day. He told me to listen, but since it was on his phone, the lyrics were really distorted and I couldnt understand them. He uploaded it to the computer and now Im hooked! This is such a beautiful song. We dance to it, with or without the music playing.

wedding song | Reviewer: viv | 6/30/08

My fiance had never heard this song before and I did a cd for him with this on it and he fell in love with it.
Its so poignant with Jeff being blind, some of the lyrics really tug your heart:It must be somethin only you can see,
'cause girl I feel it when you look at me.
Its going to be our first dance song at our wedding next june 6th.
Thanks Jeff and may you forever sing with angels.
viv xxxx

my boyfriend. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/08

my boyfriend was singing this the other night when we were on the phone and i couldnt really hear him that well but then there was this forward about "what song reminds you of me.." and he said this one. =] i really love this songs lyrics.

Wife's favorite song | Reviewer: Mark | 5/29/08

This song is one of my wife's favorites, and she asked me to learn it so I can sing it to her at night when she's trying to fall asleep. When I first listened to it, I realized that this song was made for us. She's so beautiful, and I'm just a plain old guy. I thank God for giving her to me!

i am the angel eyes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/08

I have always loved this song but never really thought about the lyrics. Until the guy who I am dating and have fallen in love with. He has this song on his Iphone and I played it. As the song started playing he sang it. Just then it hit me this song is ours. He is always saying that he does not have women attracted to him and that I deserve so much more of a guy. So all the lyrics match what he thinks and who I am.

love that can transend time | Reviewer: Nicholas Wolfe | 4/16/08

you know everyone hears about something so unreal happening to someone, and they wish that it would happen to them. I was the wisher....see....i grew up with a very speacil woman....we met in grade 9....unfortunatley i was on the cusp of many physical problems...we met and became friends.....a year later i did not have time to tell her good-bye, as family was moving to Yukon....then 4 years later i came back...we met, and instantly it off, and began to foolish pride made us break up and not speak to each other....that was 13 years ago!! just 1 week ago, she got ahold of me, and wow....she confided in me since highschool she wanted me.....we would often dance to this song....Thank you Mr. Healy...we never met, but this song ALWAYS reminded me, and how i felt her...i know it has been said a thousand times....but in this keept her faith alive, and my memory of her intact...even though now i have many physical problems......My angel eyes still loves me........and i love her!

awsome | Reviewer: Berna | 3/12/08

this song was given to me by my chatmate, we ve been chatting for 3 years, and he said that this will be our theme song, i was crying the first time I heard it, and it really struck my inner soul. This song really make you feel how special you are, and I use to listen on it every day 30 to 50 times a day. soooooooooo beautiful and touching song,,,
thank you Mahal for sharing me this song.
and thank you to Jeff Healy RIP

RIP Jeff. | Reviewer: D.H | 3/4/08

Unfortunately Jeff Healy Passed away Sunday at St. Joseph's Health Center in Toronto due to complications of Advanced Lung Cancer at the age of 41. He leaves behind his wife and his 2 kids. He was a great artist and a visionary he will be greatly missed.

TS | Reviewer: T S | 3/3/08

I was reading some of the reviews on this song. Healey has passed on, as i discoverd today. Casey has a great story how dreams can come true and how music touches our soul!! This is an AWESOME song!!!It one that you can always remember where you were when you first heard it.

Its beautiful! | Reviewer: nakidbutterfly | 1/5/08

me and my boyfriend are going through some problems and we were going to being seperated for a while till we figured things out...He told me to download this song and listen to it everytime I missed was the sweetest thing ever...the song is beautiful!

200 times | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

I was downloading songs and don't know why I DL'd this one I never heard of it before. But over the last 2 weeks I must of played it over 200 times. At home, in the car, and at the bar.

Written by John Hiatt | Reviewer: K C | 11/26/07

Yo Stoddard,
This song, "Angel Eyes" (The one by The Jeff Healey Band) was written by John Hiatt in the 80's. There was an old standard with the same title that Ella Fitzgerald among others used to sing, but that's an entirely different tune.

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