The best song of all time!!! | Reviewer: Chichi | 12/13/12

"Never can say goodbye"is the best r&b song of all time. Michael ripped this song singing of a love he will never let go of. I am truly in love with the background vocals! I can hear all the brothers in melody & harmony! (especially Jackie :-)).... never can say goodbye is a treasure of a lifetime! When I sing this I feel that I'm singing this song to my true love SJ.. I dedicate this song to him... Love u much

------>MichaelJackson4eva<------ | Reviewer: XSabzX | 7/8/10

I am absolutely lost 4 words. This song shows us that Michael Jackson is more than a human being.... He is energy & we all know that energy can never be destroyed it can only be transferred. In this world of deceit, murder & discrimination/prejudice we all know that Michael's music, legacy & the king Of pop himself will always live on. Michael's love is what destroyed all hatred & racial barriers & it is us who must follow what Michael did cuz we are the world and only together can we heal the world.... God I feel like I'm preaching but oh well....anyway Michael u rock! Hope you rock that world with your flawless talent, voice & let's not 4get your sexy looks like you have done herexxxxxx Luv you 4eva babez rip ma licl sexy bby xxxx

i love dis song!! | Reviewer: ally | 1/17/10

Now, i'm a true Michael Jackson fan. Even though i'm only eighteen.i always loved this song sense i was a little girl. Michael Jackson made this song and all the other songs a hit. His music always touch people hearts. And show how people is treated in the world even to this day. He always loved to helped people, Mostly childen. Michael always donated money to the children hospitals, etc. That is what makes him a wonderful person. Michael will be truly miss. But never forgotten. =(

i laaa michael<3 | Reviewer: niecyy | 7/27/09

I absolutelyy love this songgg. Michael jackson was such an amazing artist even while he was young in the jackson 5. Michael has had great music and great performances his entire life and he will be missed and NEVER forgotten!!!

this song is amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/09

I love the words this song,their so strong and true. Micheal had an amazing voice even as a kid. the Jackson 5 is one of the greatest groups ever. I'm 13,and I'm absolutely INLOVE with them. Micheal Jackson really is missed,he's a legend. legends never die. R.I.P.

The Greatest of All Times. | Reviewer: t.c. | 6/29/09

I loveeee this songg. It make me think of my favorite move crooklyn. And ever since michael has passed when I hear it, it makes me want to cry. Michael is the greastest of anyone's time. And I'm only 15. He is loved and missed. Rest in peace MJ.

My ALL-TIME Favorite song. EVER. | Reviewer: Honey Anne | 4/27/09

I can't believe no one has commented on this song, yet. Except me. Urg, I'm in love with this song. And it's not ordinary love. This love I feel inside when I hear this song is something that makes me want to share with the people who are important to me. I don't love the song, but I love it's message and guess what? It inspired me to sing. Wow.