Ben | Reviewer: Arlin | 2/2/13

This is a wonderful song I just love it I never undrestood it until such time as I read the lyrics and sang with it. Truly marvelous the jacson five did a great job. Lots of love.

tribute to michael | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/10

i salute you michael, you were a true gentlemen, you would always be remembered, loved n respected....., love you always...., i wish i could tell you that you were never alone, i wish i could be with you!

a great song | Reviewer: mjlover | 11/26/09

the song ben is my all time favorite song the jackson 5 sang. Micheal was so talented. it was a really sad thing to hear about his death. there were so many great songs by Micheal Jackson. that i would to hear him sing it over again. may he rest in peace.

Lover of MJ | Reviewer: Jessica | 9/1/09

I love all Michael Jackson and Jackson 5's music. I love Michael's voice it's the sweet and loving no matter what song. I just can't believe he died. May he rest in peice. May the people who killed him go to ****. I should plan their deaths.

I love him | Reviewer: jackson 5 lover | 7/6/09

i am terrified to received the news that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop died. I cried so much, non- stop and everytime I hear his songs, I fall into pieces. To tell the truth, i have a crush on him ever since I heard his music and he is like 33 years older than me! Wtv! I love him so much. May his soul rest in peace. And may those who caused him to die, die horribly.

a great song | Reviewer: saras | 7/6/09

i don't know this song make me want to crying. MJ was die and when i hear this song i know this song is from he heart.. when he young he never feel have a bestfriend. MJ always in my heart. RIP michael.

Honey Anne | Reviewer: A great song | 4/27/09

I'm very much touched by this song. I don't know why. To me, it's not just about a rat and a boy. It could be anybody really. It's about friendship. Like you don't ever want to let go of that special friend of yours. That's what i feel when I listen to this song. Oh and, I get emotional and quiet too when I hear this.

this song | Reviewer: Ashleigh Spruce | 6/23/07

This song Ben by the Jackson 5 is really good and it is really sweet and i love this song and it is the best song ever from the Jackson 5 group and Michael Jackson is really good at singing