The Icarus Line in the sand behind which stands true Punk Rock | Reviewer: Matt Gettin Gofast n Black Tar Gutitar Kibbie von Schwerin | 7/30/12

This band shredds ass as only Nirvana's bleach has and true Punk Bands like the Cows and Meat Puppets, Mclusky et al. They actually sound like a more raw n brutal version of a couple old SD bands like Drive Like Jehu- (who became the rather popular Rocket from the Crypt), & Trumans Water's cooler later stuff after they toured with the Zeroes) - and a cross with some Bad Brains or Cro Mags... And then again not at all. Heavy on the screaming tho, so if u don't like true angst and can't handle the spike don't ride this rich vein of musical gold.