Great song | Reviewer: Dale | 12/5/13

It's funny how every comment is against either Canada or USA. I will say both American and Canadian women(Anglophones)are fat,stuck up,and holier than thou...
It's a draw:America for the money, Quebec for the girls...

response to The Red, White, Black and Fuggin Blue. | Reviewer: Proudly canadian | 7/1/13

This is for The Red, White, Black and Fuggin Blue. Where shall I start? Let's see first off your writing is atrocious, grammar and syntax is an indictment of your education system ranked well below ours by the way.
Both Canada and the US were settled by the Brits, French and Spaniards so you owe your country to British Imperialism and the imperialism of the American woman as much as any other country in North America.
As for contributions to the world? Let's see there is Greenpeace, NASA, the UN, Cancer research and development (along with the Brits and Aussies..... don't see you there guys!) and if you must criticize there is Hollywood. Look at your history Warner Bros, United Artists almost a third of hollywood is or was started by Canadians.
Department of Indian Affairs? not perfect but the Nation has the right to self governing and as such the Canadian govt and law enforcement do not enter without permission. Remember Wounded Knee? Remember all those woman and children slaughtered by your American army (cavalry)? Remember little Big Horn? Sitting Bull left the Us for Canada where it was safe and he could live in peace. Until the US gov't coaxed him back. I won't mention anything about second class citizens as you are the experts on that, or have you forgotten slavery already? Or how about your court system removing the rights of the individuals to vote if the state decides on changing the rules, real democratic. Then of course there is your "legitimate rape" issue, woman haven't the same rights as men, ALL WOMAN not just a portion. Won't mention the numerous corrupt officials either.
Missing women, sure there are reports and publicly made but I can't help thinking how many people go missing there that the public doesn't hear about.... As for the dope comment? supply and demand, isn't that what your economy is based on? Health care system, not without it's issues but we do rank 9th in the world for healthcare (and at least we have one), Us ranked 2oth . We take care of our people we don't allow them to die alone in the street or worse in a waiting room because they don't have insurance, we respect the life of our people and others and will not turn someone in need of medical care regardless.
Now we come upon the banking system of Canada, one of the few that came relatively unscathed by the world collapse of that particular system. Of course it was created and destroyed your economy by your banking system, I'm looking at you Paulson! where few made millions at the cost of millions of people and their homes.
One last thing let's talk terrorism. The American ideology is that you are being attacked by American hating Muslim extremists, yeah ,ok true but why? It is your foreign policy that started it all. Your desire for oil and conquest at all costs. Remember it is death to America not Americans.
Check your head American you are an idiot!.

origins | Reviewer: Terry | 7/1/13

I had read somewhere that originally Burton cummings had read a story earlier in the day in regards to the USA, from what I see here probably about Viet Nam and that night did the impromptu lyrics to the song based from his reading that article.

so please just shut up and dont speak cause i dont want your stupidity to reflect the rest of us americans! | Reviewer: If you dont like this song then your an ignorant american | 3/27/13

I dont care what anyone has to say about it. this song is probably one of the most patriotic songs that this country has. these guys are not trying to say anything bad at all, all they are saying is they grew up being taught morals, growing up in a close nit kind of town where everybody knows everybody and they werent used to seeing dirty diseased cities like they saw when the first came to america, they didnt understand how the government could just step into your life and tell you what you are and what your not going to do when it comes to the draft, all because america was supposed to be a democracy and to them it seemed more like a dictatorship. like it or not this country has fallen down and this song isnt directed to the american people as a whole but its directed towards the select group of americans who voted in the greedy lying scum and its directed towards our corrupt government. the government wasnt at all close to being perfect back then and it seems like this country would learn from its mistakes but some people are stupid/ignorant and will never learn or grow and better themselves and make better life choices for themselves or their families. this songs true meaning holds even more relevance to todays america than it did when it was first written. America has became an abomination it has lost all sense of morality and has slapped God in the face. in the end though God will take care of His own even as the rest of our lost nation suffers. Gods ways are higher than any law passed by a godless government and all will have to answer for their choices in life one day. This band wrote this in support of the foundation that america was built upon and yet so many of you sit here and ridicule them for it. So why don't you people just get out of this country and then it will be better off for people like me and my family who actually care about living in a great and Godly nation. Thank you and goodbye <3

Go ahead and criticize Canada | Reviewer: American Woman | 3/9/13

But, you owe all you got to British Imperialism and the Imperialism of the "American Woman".

And, what is your contribution, besides myopic criticism of America, to the ongoing successes of this world? Bob and Doug McKenzie? Donuts and Beer? A couple of Canadian nobodies on SCTV until some Hollywood Big Wigs got involved.

Or, how about that horrible legacy of your own called the Department of Indian Affairs.

You Imperialistic Pigs Colonized your country 300 years ago and still treat your Aboriginals like second class citizens.

Or, how about Aboriginal Women's rights in Canada? How about all them women you got missing in that back forty? Or, a health care system that is falling apart?

Or, all that dope you grow and sell to US? And, the apparent billions of American dollars you must be laundering annually through your Canadian banks and Real Estate Industry?

Check your heads Canadians. Cuz, we are not stupid.

Sincerely yours

The Red, White, Black and Fuggin Blue.

Amazing | Reviewer: Henry | 3/2/13

Americans don't like non-Americans criticizing their country. Yet this song (written and performed by Canadians) criticizing both the Vietnam War and the United States became one of the most popular songs in the United States. It still is very popular there to this day.

Just got it. . . . | Reviewer: Bertha | 1/8/13

I'm embarassed to say that I just understood that this song is about Imperialism. I used to be a bit baffled when it would play on the "oldies" station in the eighties. Beings I was just a preschooler during the late sixties, I simply tuned out everything about Viet Nam as I was coming of age.

It's not 'THE' Guess Who... | Reviewer: TO_Musician | 2/11/12

The band is just 'Guess Who' (originally Chad Allan & The Expressions) and some PR person at Quality records promoted the performers of 'Shakin All Over' as Guess Who? (and later it was revealed that it was Chad Allan and the Expressions). "Guess Who" stuck.

American Woman is not about women at all. It's about the United States and the attitudes and policies of the country. Canada, rather than considering those who protested the war as 'pussies', supported those who left. One of my math teachers was a 'draft-dodger' and we considered him to to be brave in his protest. It takes guts to have to leave everything you know behind to express your beliefs.

The person who wrote the review 'the real reason' is correct. A friend of mine, who is a female from the US, said that Americans are stupid enough to actually believe this song is about American women. (Not my comment, it's hers).

I personally thought it was funny when Lenny Kravitz played his version on the Grammys and the crowd cheered. Made the point that they really had NO idea what the song was about.

Read the words to things before you think you know what they're about.

'Jim Kale' of "Guess Who" said: | Reviewer: TO_Musician | 2/11/12

"The fact was, we came from a very strait-laced, conservative, laid-back country, and all of a sudden, there we were in Chicago, Detroit, New York — all these horrendously large places with their big city problems." (as posted on Wiki)

Note, it says in Background: ''The song's origins took the form of a live jam at a curling rink concert in Kitchener, Ontario.[5] The group was rushing into the second set and began improvising a rhythm to liven up the crowd. Burton Cummings, the lead singer, began improvising lyrics to fit the music'' The origin of the song was improvised. I also regularly get the basis of tunes from jamming, but the final version takes more thought.

According to Randy Bachman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/12

Recently on TV and in his new book Randy Bachman says that American Women is the statue of liberty.

As a songwriter, you may start with an idea but the song does NOT have to mean or be about anyone or anything!

Were any of y'all born before 1990??? | Reviewer: Ron | 1/4/12

1) Take it from someone that was draft age, and in college, in 1970. American Woman is an anti-war(Viet-Nam), anti-US "Imperilism" (Capitalism), national anthem" of us hippies.
I'm sure the double endre (sp?) as to the typical american "bit(h" of the era, wasn't an accident.
2) This would be obvious if the last line wasn't purged. If any of y'all have ever heard the original. The last line was "Good bye, American Woman. Good bye, American Bit(h". Used to hear the unpurged version all the time on late night "alternative rock" radio, "in the day" :).

Yea, it's not a political statement | Reviewer: FTFY | 10/24/11

AMERICAN WOMAN was made up - ON THE SPOT- at a concert to excite the crowd. No prior thought was made.
I guess we'll all meet over at "Losing my religion" by REM so you pretend that it's about losing faith.

it's notabout woman | Reviewer: blaze | 9/25/11

the song is a protest toward american men who were running away from america during the draft to avoid doing their duty for their country and going to canada and the canadians are basically calling them "pussies" for running away and saying that they don't want them there with their ideas, fears,protest and so on. that's what it's about, not about woman at all. thats why so many woman don't understand the song.

american woman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/11

You guys are pretty hard on America. I don't see it as this imperialistic "whore." I see her as a bunch of individuals who are just trying to make a living. I don't know about the rest of you, but I never had any big ideas about trying to take over the world, or imposing anything on anyone. I just hate to see people who are oppressed and like to kind of help them, and I'd like to see people respect each other and be kind to one another and if people don't mess with us I'm all for leaving them alone. I'm an american woman. I don't manipulate and I try not to nag.

this is exactly how i feel about my ex....... | Reviewer: bob | 7/18/11

this song hits the nail on the head. MOST American Women are needy, manipulative, controlling and neurotic. the song can be taken literally with the exception of a few lines:

"I don't need your war machine" - women were used back in the past to manufacture weapons and military vehicles while men were at war.

"I don't need your ghetto scenes" - ?

"colored lights can hypnotize" - a metaphor for the hypnotic powers of a beautiful woman.

"sparkle someone esle's eyes" - basically piss off and go try to ruin someone else's life.