it' bout my rapper the game | Reviewer: kemby | 2/25/11

yeah u know the game is the bestrspoect for jay z but the game from the west side tha¡s mean weat coat represewn man i gad 254 niggas in m,a hood in dominican republic n ma all niggas r from the west side . if one day i¡ll fine 50 in m,a hood i ¡ll kill him cuz 50 ain¡t saying nothing .one blood for ma niggas from west side .i¡m swear on ma gun semicathematic if i fine him on ma way i¡ll kill him .fuck 50
west coast stand up

blood 1 | Reviewer: daviyohn fulton | 1/10/08

Game aint got shit on me I'm the best rapper alive I will kill that muta fucker sittin in his 64 impala fuck him if he got a problem tell him to come to atl ca mutafucker aint got shit on be bitches problem call 404 451 5173

You cant hate him | Reviewer: jim wilson | 5/31/07

Good song and good beat although ive got quite bored of this 1 now

the sickest ever | Reviewer: Sabrina | 10/2/06

this song is da best out of everthin.but after a while its gunna get stale but for now WOAH u hear it everywhere!!!the game is my favourite artist from here on in.i love his songs like 360 bars 240 bars the best.he rymes words so damn good it scares me.i wish i could meet dis guy.i have connections that i can reach him in no tyme.well later im out!:D B'Z UP C'Z DOWN!!!!!

THEGAME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/06

This is a wicked tune hope he drops it as a single can't wait for the album Big up to the Dr. Sup Taylor

its tight | Reviewer: yascha | 9/17/06

lol, its tight, start of song always makes me laugh ( dre, i see dead people ) lmao so funny, but yeah its good song :)