G-uNOT | Reviewer: Nigga-G | 7/17/07

O man this song is hella sick, wit Eazy Pac and Game, i dont no wat the fak 50 is doin here

About the song How We Do (Remix) ft. Tupac and Easy-E performed by The Game | Reviewer: Lil Drift | 6/29/07

This song is hella bomb!!!! Tupac swoopin down wit his nigga from the pound {Easy}. Goin back to wen 50 and Game didnt beef wit each otha

Amazin song | Reviewer: Declan | 6/25/07

Wot a gr8 song :P

And i dunno y ppl r h8in on 50... hes a gr8 artist... if ur only reasons for dislikin him is coz of Candy Shop and fallin out wit Game ur fucked up.

50, Game, Pac and Eazy all fuckin legendz!

helllllll yez | Reviewer: Makaveli | 6/18/07

Dis song da shit maaannnn. It has 2pac, Easy, and The Game. The only thign bad in it 50 but he needs to be in it to make everyone else sound betta

How we Do (Reeeeeeeemix) | Reviewer: Conor | 6/16/07

this track is the shizzle wit the best duo on the planet eazy-e and 2pac the game is Ok but 50 is a shitta EAZY (R.I.P)2pac (U r still live and kickin)

This song | Reviewer: Kastro 209 | 6/13/07

This song is the shit nothin can top this i mean this has 2 of the worlds best singer easy-e and 2pac wut can i say this song is the shit!

Best rappers dead and alive | Reviewer: Edde | 6/12/07

This track will forever be known as the best remix song ever, come on Eazy-E and Tupac (RIP)
they killed it and then 50 and game?!?!?! unstoppalbe man......man they shouldnt beef they made bomb ass track when they werent beefing.

kronik | Reviewer: R.I.P tupac | 6/3/07

wen i herd this song i fukin almost pasted out its sooo fukin good eazy-e fukin insane nigga so is tupac and the game and 50cent

yeee | Reviewer: restless | 5/27/07

this song has a madd fukin beat.. this is how we doo.. easy e.. says it how it is.. tupac..
game and 50 are alright, but they never be like tupac, easy e, nwa, snoop, dr dre..

JB Jey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/07

this version is awesome.I dont like the original song too much with 50 but eazy n pac make it so much better, nice!