The Game 4 Life | Reviewer: Kaden | 9/29/09

ThE GAME goes hard in every song he made. He kills every rapper this day, even lil wayne. The Game stays tru. And (Derik)he isnt dissing on his brother he is just telling how they went there separte ways. G-UNOT!!!!!!!

hot | Reviewer: Nate | 11/29/07

i think that game is the real g man 50 is hot and all but game is true 50 got all this shit wit justin timberlake and shit corny ass shit man game is the real thing

360 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/07

Man this shit is hot. Fuck, even Federline's bar sounds good in this.

Game killin shit | Reviewer: Derek | 3/12/07

yo man the game is killin this shit. he's the fuckin sickest rapper comin str8 outta bompton. man, he dissin on his own brother. man this niggas crazy. one up to the game, ONE BLOOD.

Game did his sh!t | Reviewer: damon | 7/1/06

The Game iz doin' his thing. Bringin' the West back and comin' up wit these lyrics man it's crazy. Game iz a type of ni99a that just don't give a Fuk. I gotta give him props on this song. Damon b!cthez