suckas | Reviewer: MakaveliRider | 3/5/10

this niggas is stuck beefin dissin n shit wastin them talent they really not making hip hop they just insulting erbody can do that bullshit suckas

KRS-ONE would be here forever
Big pun punishin pussys

The game is the best | Reviewer: sukh | 6/4/09

wow you guys are fags spider loc is a unknown faggot ass rapper the game kills g-unit hahah g-unit has nothin on the game yes they are good rappers out there but the game is one of the best his flow his sick and lyrics are deadly

i killd gayme | Reviewer: ado | 9/11/07

lol fucking waste of wax if yall think this punk fagget striper gangster shit his own brother says he aint shit and wtf yall getting all hard on the fucking web for anyways wtf

fuck game | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

he's waste and can't rhyme so what if he's wrote 700 bars worth of diss, they don't even hit hard he just bumlicks NWA

fuck g unit | Reviewer: Mase | 3/23/07

yea i think its take shots like the game like mj do and i think its keep these rap niggas in check like a pair of dunks

spider loc is a joke!!! | Reviewer: sean | 2/21/07

if you really think that spider loc is a gangsta than you a pussy a bitch a wanna be snitch, as soon as i see you u will have a deep stitch, and not to mention tell yo mom, that bitch!! better not tell any1 wha thate im goin to dot to theere punk ass, and if they are goin to suck onmy