comforting | Reviewer: Joe | 4/6/11

In refernce to the previous reviews. Two ghosts in one mirror, doesn't really mean in the same reflection, standing next to each other. Many cultures as far back as the Ancient Egyptians believe reflective surfaces to be windows into an alternate world or dimension. The ghosts are looking at each other through the same mirror but are on opposite sides of each other, separated by a dimension. I find this song comforting. Say when you need me to come to your aid. Through hard times, or anytime. No matter what I'll be there to help get you through it, if you ask for my help. Just say when. Is what it says to me.

Truly amazing song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/09

BUT. Actually I think it's 'two ghosts in one mirror, no nearer' like it says. If you check the lyrics in the album that's what it says. I don't think 'grosts' is a word either.
Anyway, The Fray can't go wrong with me, I love them.

beautiful song | Reviewer: Ellie | 5/5/09

i love this song its really beautiful. but it's not 'two ghosts in one mirror, no mearer' it's actually 'two grosts in one mirror, no nearer'. i'm fairly sure this is right anyway beacuse it talks about being separate therefore they are not near. also, i don't think mearer is a word.