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The Fray<3 | Reviewer: River | 7/10/13

I LOVE everything about this band! I listened to it so much a couple years ago and just kinda stopped, was going through my iTunes and came across their album listened to it and fell in love all over again! Best band EVER! I replay their dogs over and over. And I NEVER get tired of them! Love them so much!

So This Iz Yur Maverick<33 | Reviewer: Alexis | 7/7/10

Best band EVAH! Im obsessed and proud of it(: I luv aLL ther songs but to name a few........vienna (hence the review title), say when, little house, heartless (cover; originally by kanye -_-) syndicate, and of course HoW tO SaVe A LiFe......

Piano | Reviewer: Dani | 1/9/08

There are definitely not enough piano based rock/pop bands. Great job, guys! How to Save A Life is going to be in the rotation of my CD player for a while. Also, kudos on your use of strings, very beautiful.

Exotic | Reviewer: Bre | 6/23/07

You guys are not like the rest and i really mean that. the emotion you put into your songs leave a sort of peace in the room once you song is over and the muisc fades away. You lyrics a hypnotic well worth attention.

love | Reviewer: Kirstin | 5/25/07

i love you guys you are the best band in the wold i men it ireally do i listen to you guys every night on my i-pod i really reall really badly want to meet you i am going to your consert june 28 i can not wait i am so excited

david | Reviewer: david carter | 4/17/07

i love the fray there my fav. band

About The Fray | Reviewer: Rachel | 4/1/07

I love this band. You can really see youself in some of the lyricks and their songs are sung with such feelings and emotion. I can't wait to hear their next cd xD

I've got to say How to save a life is great, caus' it's just so moving. But also Look after You (breathtaking) <3

Rebecca | Reviewer: Rebecca Majors | 2/26/07

This is the best band I've heard in ages... I have been a country fan for the last few years, I am very impressed.

Vienna | Reviewer: Fray Fan In General | 2/12/07

This is my favourite song of theirs in general! I love the Fray and am (and will be) for life!!!

How To Save A Life | Reviewer: Lauren Miles | 2/11/07

Cannot stop listening to this song.Either its playing outload or its playing into my ears. Not scared at all ofgetting tired of this song,as its so easy to with many others. Great song

Look After You | Reviewer: Carolann Corey | 4/16/06

I am absolute love with this song, it's amazing, he sounds so emotional when he sings , im a huge fan of The Fray.

How To Save a LIfe | Reviewer: Celeste | 3/22/06

Has anyone heard the song "how to save a life?" I'ts so beautiful. With real life lyrics, it makes you feel like he's singing the song right to you. It's great... someone should check it out and write a reveiw about it... then e-mail it to me if you like it!

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