Huzaif | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/13

This song is awesome,it no doubt touched my heart and at the same time relieved me of the pain that was caused by the departure of one of my best friends. Will never forget you,never and ever.
P.S I miss you.

its my fault | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/11

i met a woman who changed my life, only i didnt kno how much til it ended. she wanted me to b the person thn that i am now. iv tried to get her back for 3yrs now. she said it'l never b what it was, i said never say never. thn i heard this song...... my heart begs her "dont let me go" but shld i????? i miss u Penny

flynt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/11

This song really touch my heart. My gf and i used to argue in such nonsense things. We sometimes hate each other but after few days we are good again..this song really relates to me. It reminds me how valuable the people that loves me.

My Wife | Reviewer: Mike | 12/13/10

Love this song so....Please pray for my wife we have been separated for 7 months now. She has file for a divorce. Recently we spoke for the first time. I proposed that we not put our lives in the hands of lawyers. I do not believe in divorce, but for us to take a time out and spend time trying to find the love that she has lost for me. I have faith as do my 2 boys that God can soften her heart so she can find the way back home to the family who love her so much. God has done so much for us in such a short time. She is the love of my life for the pass 25 yrs. I trust in my God that he's will is done. I will wait as long as it takes. Guard my eyes and shield my heart for her. My love will not relent..

(//.^) | Reviewer: Kyley | 9/24/10

I was relate on The song..the 1st time i heard it i've really much appreciate it, its so meaningfull,and it was reflected on me.. Feeling hopeless but never give up. But still i realy let someone go! :(

I like the song | Reviewer: Kyley | 9/24/10

I was kinda relate on the song.. The first time i heard it, i knew that i like it,and i've realy much appreciate was so meaningfull! To a broken hearted like me:( hopeless but never give up,but i realy let YOU! go..

NeVeR lEt Go | Reviewer: dalia | 2/18/10

i like this song cuz' its some kind of love song. this song is didcated to my boyfriend we live in diffrent places when he move he said you will aways be in my heart and i ll never let you go but i didnt belive.and now i know that its time to let go forever i cant keep a long distance relationship like i thought.

Bitter Sweet | Reviewer: Alessandra | 12/9/09

We r actually doing a "forbidden relationship"..he belongs to his gf, and Im belong to my bf :(

We actually never met each other in real, meet only in web and cam..we r apart a thousand miles but wonder why we still stick together for almost 2 years.. :)

This song represents my fears of loosing him. We love each other though there's never been a "love" words between us.

Never let me go, Ed.

really for broken hearts n very touching | Reviewer: Austin | 11/17/09

till 2 day i remember da day i talked dis gal 4 da first time her voice.. was so pleasant to my ears i seen her photos also.. she saw me face 2 face but i didnt c her we both were in a shopping mall she waz very close to me.. but 1 day when my results came out n i failed.. she jst stopped callin me n her number stopped workin i miss her always try to talk to her but she just talks to me formaly i feel very hurt when i hear this song it always reminds me of her just feel like listin to dis song alone n cry out i still luv her even if she dosent luv me .. "Jst, Dont Let Me Go"

boyfriend | Reviewer: jerilyn | 10/8/09

me n my boyfriend broke up cause of his family then he turns aroud n gos out wit my best friend supposly my best friend...she told a bunch of stuff bout my past n nows he hates me n our friendship is drifting apart cause of her....i still love him very much but i dont want him 2 let me go...i still love you karl

Shawn<3 | Reviewer: morgan-mae<3 | 10/4/09

this reminds me sooo much of me and this boy. I met him through my friends and we fell for each other all in one night. then he dissapeared. He moved in with his dad, and i didnt see him for months. When he came back, i had moved on but he still had a thing for me. I fell for him again right before he dissapeared. He reappered in my life yesterday and my friend told me i need 2 let him go, hes not a part of our lives anymore. But when he got here, i had to leave in 5 minutes. A ran into his arms and started crying. I was just thinking how bad our timing was, and how i never wanted to let him go. Ever.

... | Reviewer: Jacob | 9/7/09

I love this song it makes me sad ill admit but theres just something about it that just makes me let it out or something i dont know i just think this song is a really good sad spirit lifting song.

the sad lover from SYRIA | Reviewer: Mostafa Alyousef | 9/3/09

this great song make me really so sad and just wanna be alone and cry cuz when i listen this song i remember my ex gf i left her cuz i was have to study and i remember how we were walking in DAMASCUS streats and have fun and now i just wanna say "MAYA if u read this plz call me and let's comeback as the best tow lovers in SYRÌA and all the world and DON'T LET ME GO "

this is amazing. | Reviewer: brandi | 9/3/09

this song is the best. it's my favorite song. it has so much meaning in it. it honestly shows how much you care for a person and don't want them to let you go. i love it completely. the fray is great too. <333

.... | Reviewer: pw | 8/23/09

wow, this song reminds me of a friend. shes my bestfriend in high school, shes the only one i trusted and she trusted me back. in senior year i was really busy preparing for my national exam and slowly we just drift apart, easy to say that maybe if i realize sooner that just to hold one smile will keep her less apart, i'd do it. too bad now i moved to the US and that was it really. she wasnt even there the day i board the plane. i miss her though. one day i get back home and if we pass each other on the street i wish she would still say hi to me. hard to believe that the lack of simplest things could do such difference.