i hate scene kids too! | Reviewer: alkalined13 | 1/8/11

Just kidding, I don't hate scene kids, but I think maybe Juggadore might be a scene kid him/herself and can't take a bit of criticism. Have you ever thought about the fact that most of the formats core listeners are "scene kids?" Seeing as how they spend most of their time around these people, I'm sure they've earned the right to form their own opinions about them. If you're offended, don't listen.

fuckin scenesters | Reviewer: Jumpship!! | 4/15/10

yes he may have a fixation on scene kids. haha thats why i fuckin love it "all the boys got the same girls hair" in "she doesnt get it" haha. fuck this dudes awesome.

i can totally relate to this...just got dumped in a 4yr relationship myself.

fuckin love the format.

suicidal ideation? | Reviewer: juggadore | 7/5/09

this song is about an attempted suicide? i thought i kept hearing that line "was it worth what you did to your wrist?" and i looked up the lyrics and i see that line that was whispered (you're acting like you never tried to take your life).

another thing-- whats up with this guy's fixation on emo kids? throughout the cd-- boys with swooping haircuts, new-wave kids and their make-up...

this album has clues all over it to this guy's state of mind...