wow | Reviewer: Chix2 | 5/23/12

wow. just wow. i mean, we're singing this song in my music class at school, and i just thought it was just some little kids song. I never knew it was THIS popular. Just like another song we are singing in class called, " we are going to be friends". You should check it out.

My favourite song! | Reviewer: TangLime | 7/18/10

not much of a review but....
Interesting fact: according to Wayne Coyne, frontman of the Flaming Lips, Yoshimi is not actually about fighting Pink Robots at all. It's about a girl who is dying from cancer (represented by The Pink Robots) and the whole scenario of a superhero fighting robots is her best friend's way of coping with her illness. It adds a sad twinge to the whole album, knowing that.