Mr. Ambulance Driver | Reviewer: Chrispee | 5/4/10

This is me. Realizing it all. When I finally got to the significance of this song it hit me incredibly hard.

I love the antic "our lives are strangely our own". It just makes me feel that I am/can/will be/might be/might find... anything. And to end it with his ambulance wee o wees, I smile through the tears.

The Flaming Lips have changed/saved/improved/inspired... my life.

From a cousin's perspective | Reviewer: Kenny Goode | 9/2/09

The song is especially haunting to me. Steven Drozd and I are cousins. Our mothers, both now deceased, were sisters and when I hear it, I can't help but think of all the tragedies in our mother's families - including that of a mutual cousin, Janice, who was killed in a vehicle crash years ago in Houston, Texas. You can feel the pain in the voices of the singer and the backup singers.

Great band, Great song. | Reviewer: dicefanatic | 11/11/07

This song, to me, is sad yet extremely calming. Even with a lot of repetition and not a ton of lyrics, the song speaks volumes to me.

It reminds me I'm alive. Not alive in a happy-go-lucky I-love-life sort of way, but alive in the sense that I exist and I am real and somehow, as insignificant it may be, that I play a part in this big thing called life.

When I'm sad, it makes me feel content about the way things are. When I'm happy or indifferent, it makes me feel unhappy about the way things happen and the order of things in our universe but unhappy in an oddly calm fashion - 'life sucks, but it's okay. It's the way it's supposed to be'.

A great song to kick back to and think about whatever it is you want to contemplate. I'd recommend the entire Gentlemen album to anyone. The Flaming Lips are amazing.