Amazing | Reviewer: Chelsea | 12/29/08

Amazingly awesome band, perfect vocals, and bouncy tunes. The fact that the lyrics and the tunes of the songs are such oxymoron's to each other. What they are singing actually has meaning to it, while at the same time not depressing you with stories of unrequited love and heartbreak.
Brilliant live too!

Tremendous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/08

I saw The Feeling at Preston. Absolutely amazing!
Incredible show with Dan and his stage presence. Tight sound with the keyboard creating a real foundation for the rest of the music. Best band that I have ever seen and that says something now that I am 55.


Best of the new millenium (so far) from Britain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/07

I listen to lots of new melodic pop music and am very critical, perfect pitch musician. These guys are virtuosos and Dan is a phenomenon to say the least. Last dude out of UK like this was Jeff Lynne. Last dude out of US like this was Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish). Enough said. Buy this CD! Can't wait for the next release to hit the streets!

yay!!! | Reviewer: thefeeling4eva | 6/28/07

omg the feeling rock i went to see them in concert and the lyrics are just so sensitive and amazing its great to see raw talent and some guys just having fun and enjoying themselves deffinately my inspiration for my band. and btw how hot is dan? seriously that guy is fit as. i dont care if hes gay lol ^_^!!! "i want him now"!lolz gurd 1 fiona

Great !!! | Reviewer: NCM | 6/7/07

I like this band "THE FEELING" well it's just their debut album but they are GREAT !!! ^^

Fantastic | Reviewer: Libby | 6/5/07

The Feeling are.. well, fantastic! Went to see them live a couple of nights back having bought their album. i arrived expecting to have a laugh and sing along but frickin hell they were sensational! And i got photo taken with Rich.. *hehehe..* xD. but seriously, they're so tallented and well, yeah, their love of music is just infectious.

AWSOME!! | Reviewer: Gabrielle | 5/2/07

i think this song is insprational and it is moving

thanks for making music great

Best band eva!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/07

They are soooo amazing and you have to go and see them live. Dan is sooo hot!!!
You go fiona!!!
The feeling are the best eva!!!!

fabuloso | Reviewer: fiona jakes | 4/13/07

this band are fabuloso i have never in all my life heard such a brill band and im not exggagerating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just want to love them and squeeze them all because they're all gorgeous although i do know richie already belongs to soph... boohoo i want them all- i want them now hahahahahahahahahahahah

at long last ... a good pop band ... | Reviewer: Sally Noslop | 11/15/06

ok so what if they're pop ? so what if they went with the cliched move of announcing a band member was gay ? The truth is, they are incredibly infectious, humungously talented and actually bring back memories of Queen !!!... now thats saying something for these young lads from Sussex ... their debut album is light, delightful to the ear, and filled with catchy numbers youll be humming all day long ... this album is a classic ... trust me on that one.