Reviews for F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X Lyrics

Performed by The Fall Of Troy

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So I see... | Reviewer: Allen1350 | 12/28/08

It looks as if nobody is able to argue a valid point I made. I am glad. Do not flame Guitar Hero...that is all there is to it. Your own bands that you listen to which have songs on Guitar Hero actually re-performed them just so they could have their name on Guitar Hero. Remember, there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe the guitar isn't real, nor is the game controller anything like a real guitar, but don't make fun of Guitar Hero players. That is all there is to it.

WOWZA'S | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/08

Ummmm... dude playing guitar hero is not a talent... it's just exersicing your fingers, and not being able to play real guitar, but just being able to play a video game is stupid. You could be useing all that time to play REAL guitar. Once you know how to do every song exept that one "Through the flames and the fire"... its time to stop and learn and an actual real instrument. I mean sure it's a cool game but, you should learn something real.

Your bands support Guitar Hero, Obviously! | Reviewer: Allen Guitar | 12/2/08

Hello. I am here to try and put out the flames of hatred that burn down For those of you that think it is SO LAME that Guitar Hero owners know about this song, I want you to understand that being able to play Guitar Hero is a talent that not everybody has. Not to brag, but I can beat every song but Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce on Expert. That means I can also beat Mauvais Garcon (EVIL SONG! UGH! NO BEAT TO IT AT ALL LOL.) So, why do I say that Guitar Hero is so good? Well, maybe there is no way to prove it is a good piece of technology, but is there a way to prove it is actually bad? What is to hate about Guitar Hero? Most of you out there that flame Guitar Hero only flame it because you cannot play as well as some and have no patience to try and improve. I honestly SUCKED at this game the first time I tried it, but I took the time to get better. I can now say that Guitar Hero is not lame at all. Also, consider that there is some video game music that is unbeatably awesome. Now, if you have seen the videos on Guitar Hero, you will see that the bands have to WORK ON and PLAY THEIR SONGS AGAIN just to get them on Guitar Hero. There are videos of the Sex Pistols, Slash, and even Tom Morello explaining how it is done. The performers get into an oddly designed suit that records and stores their every move for the game. Then, they have the band play the drums and sing separately from the guitarist. It is all very complex and the bands must perform songs to get them onto Guitar Hero. I hope you have read this all and learned an important lessons: YOUR MUSICIANS YOU LOVE SO MUCH PLAYED THEIR MUSIC AGAIN FOR GUITAR HERO!

good song | Reviewer: Zach | 11/19/08

Gh is cool, this band is cooler, F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X for those who don't know is a remix of a song called F.C.P.S.I.T.S.G.E.P.G.E.P and you look certain places you can see it supposedly stands for "Fuck Condoms PreMarital Sex Is The Shit Get Em Pregnant Get Em Pregnant Get Em Pregnant they did as a previous band called "The Thirty Year War". They remade the song for their Doppleganger cd. and now its called F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X because its a remix, and yah, good song.

Just quit being childish | Reviewer: Suchaku | 11/14/08

It does NOT matter where you know the songs from, the fac is that we LIKE the songs. I didn't know these before I tripped over the song on Guitar Hero, and that's THEIR luck, that --I-- like their song. Else I wouldn't have bought the song. o.o?

Guitar Her dubasses | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/08

guitar hero is queer and for people who are wanna be guitarists, it annoys the shit aoutta me when people are like hey this song was on guitar her and omg this song should be on there fuck the status quo guitar her is a dumb fuckin game...its all about DDR....any one know what the song is about?

agrees with girl below | Reviewer: becky | 10/9/08

Seriously people, its a game. How pathetic does it sound.
Admire the song for what it is, it wasn't written to please you "guitar hero" lovers, it was written and sung because they love they're music and want their fans and others alike to like it as well. What is this world coming too? Arguing over a game? Makes me laugh.

thank you | Reviewer: devin | 10/7/08

yea seriously, good for you, some people knew the song before guitarhero and some people heard it and got into f of t from guitarhero. musics about music, gh3 is just a good way for bands to get there music heard. it doesnt change the fact that i dont get how they came up with the name for the song.

UGH! | Reviewer: Alicia | 10/5/08

Ok, everybody... STOP BEING DICKS! Who cares if you knew the song before gh3? Who cares if you knew the song from gh3? Seriously, stop acting like children. You're all being ridiculous. You don't have to read the reviews if you don't like them or reply to them... I think leaving rude comments like that on a song review is inappropriate and uncalled for. ITS FOR THE SONG!
Anyways, I think this is a great song and it reminds me of my older brother who was going to commit suicide but didn't because of his daughter. =D

It's a song. No fuss | Reviewer: Wake up call | 9/20/08

Why be on everyone's back about this song. If you knew it before Guitar Hero 3 then: good for you, you've known it longer. Whoops, no prize for that. If you knew this song from Guitar Hero 3 then: good for you, you now know a new song. Who cares where you heard this from, so why argue.

Those who are mad at another person because they didn't know something are called jerks. Jerks are the people saying "go get a life and stop playing guitar hero all of the time and think of something else to talk about at the school lunch tables besides your precious ****ING guitar hero. **** ALL YALL nerds" are jerks and need to learn to be tolerant of others ignorance. If you don't like guitar Hero, that's fine. If you do, that's also good but why argue over guitar hero.

Music is music and Guitar Hero is giving us all MUSIC that people love, like FCPREMIX. Honestly the jerks who know this song and the people who learned of this song are arguing over the same thing: THEY BOTH LIKE THIS SONG. LISTEN TO IT AND STOP TRYING TO PICK A FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING THAT MOVES.

listen up and stop fussing about gh3 shit ok!? | Reviewer: kaoru | 8/28/08

its true though

even when heard on gh3 it doesnt matter where the person hears the song from because if they like the artist they will most likely help them and like other songs they try to find in songs

there is nothing wrong about hearing songs from guitar god

you guys may have issues with oh you dont have a fkn life and shit but how are people suppose to know the band exist in the first place if they dont even know at all?

just chill man, it doesnt matter where the person hears the song cause in the end it helps the artist TFOT so why do you people care?

if you like the band so much, why do you care if they hear it in gh3? its supporting the band you like why do you fkn have to care so much?

its no big deal that ppl hear songs from games so DEAL WITH IT FK HEADS!

im jesus | Reviewer: jesus christ | 8/19/08

hi everyone. this is jesus saying your all morons!!!!its a song....i mean you dont need to get all pissy and act cool going like oh that nerd plays gh3 he didnt know the song before gh3, shut up...I BET ALL OF YOU DWEEBS PLAY IT. What did you know this from? gh3 i assume. so whaat if someone searches lyrics for ONE song..its a song so just live with it...go with the flow..jesus out

damn... | Reviewer: X_o[MonO]o_X | 8/5/08

Damn it people! all songs that you can play at GH are there 'cause they are really good and the do exist before that game so dont think you are punk or w.e. you think you are 'cause you hear it on GH get a life besides a fucking game! i know is a great game an everything but c'mon is not something that change your life or w.e.

well, | Reviewer: David | 7/29/08

I'm not even going to bother with this debate.

I don't care where you heard about them,
or how you heard about them.

It's a good song, by a good band,
so the fact you know them at all is good enough.

So just stop whining, get of your high horse,
and enjoy the damn song.


Wtf? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/08

All you people are pretty damned sad for arguing about this song over guitar hero. Just listen to the damned song already! All of you that argued over this are nerds for thinking you have a point to prove.

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