Thanks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/12

This Help me alot. My brother found me crying in the living room because Someone broke up with me. then my Bro Sang this song w/ Guitar.

Thanks for everything Early November

awesome | Reviewer: this girl 31954 | 7/15/11

this song is amazing, to those who dont understand the song. you have to be able to put yourself in the writters shoes and make it personal to understand the song and once you do tha you will love the song(:

Love this song | Reviewer: Kyle | 5/26/08

Heard it a few years ago before it was out on CD. Think it was on there MySpace, or a friend got a copy somehow, but it started playing 30 minutes ago when I was thinking about my ex and I broke down and cried hardcore. Absolutely beautiful song, and I feel better now.

2 thumbs up; and then some! | Reviewer: victoria | 11/28/07

This song is beautiful, words cannot seem to cellect my thoughts. This song is a tear jerker along with relateable.

AWSOME! | Reviewer: deannalynn | 10/21/07

this song ROCK.Z!
Just 4et that hater!
I love this cause
my friend put it in my I-Pod
And now...


I'll miss you so good .. | Reviewer: Just some kid | 9/18/07

Whoever said this song was horrible, is completely wrong.

If you listen to it enough, and actually UNDERSTAND the song, you'll know what the lyrics mean.


This song is so amazing. I listen to it non-stop now. It makes me think.

AWESOME | Reviewer: mwah | 5/3/07

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG!!! i accidently downloaded it coz it said it was by behind crimson eyes(thats how i discovered this band lol) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EM!!!!

Ever So Sweet Review | Reviewer: This Guy | 4/18/07

I am so glad this song was made acoustic. It would suck if it wasn't. Why did they have to break up. "And I'll miss, I'll miss you so good. All of those nights I sat listening at home" did you see the little lyric change? Yeah I did that.

kieffer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/07

this song is absolutly horrible, the lyrics make no sense! Totaly random!

ever so awesome | Reviewer: Julie | 8/13/06

this song is so good and it's played rele good 2. I love it.

Ever So Sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/05

I love this song. whenever i have a bad day, i always listen to this song. it's so sweet. i hope you love it too!