asdaad | Reviewer: babyblue<3 | 4/12/2008

the line:

"i dont want you to love me anymore"

is directly(lyrically and vocally) from a Get Up Kid's song ("no love"). but it was used w/ permission

anysways i just love how the encorporated it into the song n_n

Baby BLue | Reviewer: amanda | 9/29/2007

"I don't want you to love me anymore"
this is an awesome song. that lyric could sum this whole song up and its worth the listen. the ending of the song with just noise happening shows how brilliant the early November really is.

Baby Blue | Reviewer: xTeenage_Tragedyx..Depression. | 9/1/2007

Aww, this song is so very cuute.
This was the first song I heard from them..
But, my favorite is Ever So Sweet!
I cryed when I first heard it.
Even though It makes me think of suicide I love it.