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Awesome!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/2008

I really fall in love into this band.. I found it when i was searching the band of Panic! at the disco.. For the first time i heard the song titled of Backstabber, i believe that the uniqueness of this band cannot be challenged by any band (my opinion).. I like the songs like Backstabber, Coin Operated Boy, and Necessary Evil.. Good Luck for them!!

Zuhairi - Malaysia

The orangeman got me. | Reviewer: Mimi | 8/12/2007

I completely understand and love Slide. It handles the horrific subject beautifully. Definately not another world issue song, it's personal and perfect.

Slide and Missed Me make me wonder whether Amanda had an experience of this (not of herself perhaps, but someone close to her). She knows exactly how you feel, even if you're not a red little girl at the top of a slide and orangeman isn't that old.

Fuck you, mister orangeman.
I worry, though you don't have me any more.

>< | Reviewer: Nadine | 6/6/2007

I love them and am very proud to have them be from Boston! All teh good bands come from Boston (most of the time)!!!!

damn... | Reviewer: Nirvana 94' | 4/16/2007

My friend Chuck got me into this band, and i think "Deb" is right, it's kool how Amanda can incorporate her lyrics into sarcasm, well anyway....

i think the best song is "My Alcoholic Friends"

Insanely Amazing Band | Reviewer: Deb | 5/26/2005

This is an incredible band. Amanda's vocals are raw and emotional rather than sugary. Her sarcastic, psychotic lyrics are startlingly truthful, but like abstract art, she never comes out and tells you exactly what she means - she makes you think about it. To really understand this band you can't take her lyrics at face value - you have to examine everything she says because of all of the subtle nuances and meanings hidden within her sarcastic mockery. This is my favorite band. Although those who've been true to The Dresden Dolls from the start will feel a little saddened by the loss of our monopoly on them, they definately desrve the huge success that I'm sure will come to them soon enough...You must check this band out!

they are amazing!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/2005

i was just watching different music videos on launch when i saw their video for coin-operated boy and i fell in love with the amazing sound of rock and cabaret combined. i bought their cd and love every song on it, especially good day, girl anachronism, and coin-operated boy. they are one of the best bands of today with their own amazing style, which is hard to find a band today that doesn't sound like every other band out there.

OMG | Reviewer: Soda | 12/29/2004

I LOVE this band!!! I was just going to random websites when I stumbled across theirs. I downloaded a few songs and the next day when out and bought the cd. I am in LOVE with it! They are one of the best bands I've heard in a long long time. The combination of rock with cabaret is amazing. I think the best song is Bad Habit or Girl Anachronism.

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