Yes, the Mekong flows | Reviewer: Juergen | 1/24/12

I´m on the shores of the mighty Mekong river, listening to that old song, that is still able to touch my soul so very deeply. Yes, everything flows and the wine I had was heated by the outside temperature, not really mystic. But the mood is more than great with the Doors in my ears.

this is the fucking truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/11

fuck i'm french , and i was listening to this song when i was 17 years old, and to me it was the most beautiful thing i ever heard.. And now i'm 28 and i finally heard what he was saying, the real meaning of his words.. I screwed it , and now the river calls me.. The truth is this song. Jim was fucking whrite..i can't say more.

beautiful | Reviewer: ricky | 12/10/07

this is a beautiful song i used to think ludwig van beethovens 5th was the most beautiful thing i had ever heard but i was wrong its this song

Just plain beautiful | Reviewer: Tumppi | 4/28/07

This is so beautiful, everytime anything beautiful enters my mind, this is the soundtrack :P

My Absolute Favorite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/06

I've been an avid Doors fan since the first LP in 1967...played in bands all through the 60's and 70's....and without a doubt, Yes the River Knows is, to me, their strongest work. The lyrics are amazing, but the chord progression....all those beautiful major 7ths, and the jazz-flavored guitar break. Where did these guys find these ideas???