awesome song | Reviewer: little red rooster | 12/27/09

Repetitive and catchy, you will want to listen to this song again and again. It's much better than their similar song My Wild Love, this is shorter and more interesting. Don't pay the other review from a year ago any mind, Morrison's lyrics meant a ton and were based on psychedelic experiences and having the blues. Brain is squirming like a toad is exactly what it feels like is happening at times of trips, panic attacks, states of euphoria, etc; any type of strong psychological experience, good or bad. Some people see and experience the world differently, if his words meant nothing he wouldn't have written them and had so much success with them.

Da da da. | Reviewer: Sun of Morrison | 7/9/08

Another interesting... no, infectious tune by the Doors which is very similar in structure to "My wild love" from the "Waiting for the sun" LP. Structure means a shaman-esque chant, sung this time over bottle-neck-style guitar. Lyrics are obviously Jim's and don't mean anything... did they ever ("brain is squirming like a toad???).
A great tune that should have been on the Soft Parade LP in place of some of the dreary rubbish on that record.